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The marketing landscape continues to evolve. The companies that continue to grow and take down the competition are the ones that are marking territory in brand journalism and content marketing.  The UFC has long been a proponent of creating its own news through its print magazine and its online news from  This week while promoting its end of year blowout card it also launched its new content platform “Fight Pass.”

Following the steps of the WWE who launched a digital catalog of old matches and content from its acquisitions, so too has the UFC. Now fans can enjoy the greatest matches from UFC, Pride, Affliction and Strikeforce.

I have long touted the success of the UFC is due to its incredible relationship with its fan base.  The UFC, its executive team and its fighters go out of their way to make the fan experience like no other.  UFC Fight Pass is no different. The UFC has opened up the first two months of the service as a free trial to fans to check out its capabilities.  Details on the channel and the cutoff date can be found below in the official press release:


The Ultimate Fighting Championship® organization announces the launch of UFC Fight Pass™, the new digital subscription service which is a must-have for mixed martial arts fans.

Unveiled today with a two-month free trial, UFC Fight Pass delivers a minimum of 10 exclusive live events per year, exclusive live prelims, newly created and exclusive content in addition to unprecedented on-demand access to parent company Zuffa’s vast mixed martial arts video library.

UFC president Dana White said: “We’re very excited to announce this unique subscription service for our great fans. As the demand for live UFC events around the world continues to increase, we’ve responded by planning more big shows in international markets in local primetime. In 2014, there are going to be more international events than ever before – but we wanted to make sure that fans around the world could see these fights too.

“The UFC has always been ahead of the game when it comes to new media and new technology. We are putting together some sick cards in international markets and with UFC Fight Pass fans never have to miss a single UFC event, no matter where in the world the fights are taking place.”

Three international UFC Fight Night events have already been confirmed for UFC Fight Pass: UFC Fight Night: SAFFIEDINE vs. LIM on January 4, UFC London 2014: GUSTAFSSON vs. MANUWA on March 8 and a third international fight card in March. All cards feature top-10 ranked fighters competing in highly significant bouts.

UFC Fight Pass will also be the exclusive place to watch live Fight Pass Prelims™, the opening contests on major UFC Pay-Per-Views and televised cards.

In addition to more than nine exclusively live fights per month, UFC Fight Pass will also offer unparalleled on-demand access to the biggest MMA fight library in the world.

White said: “Zuffa has the biggest fight library on the planet, and with a UFC Fight Pass subscription, fans will get access to thousands of fights from the entire history of the sport. This is what fans have always wanted – we are giving them the keys to the candy store. Subscribers will be able to watch, on demand, the greatest fights and greatest fighters in the entire history of this sport. And I mean everything, fromRoyce GracieMatt HughesChuck Liddell and Anderson Silva, to Frank ShamrockWanderlei Silva,Kazushi Sakuraba and Fedor Emelianenko.”

Subscribers will be able to access hundreds of hours of content from the archive which includes two decades of UFC fights and the video libraries of other MMA organizations including PRIDE FC, PRIDE Bushido, Strikeforce, EliteXC, the World Fighting Alliance, Affliction Entertainment and World Extreme Cagefighting. See attached FAQ sheet for further details.

Additionally, there will be newly-created content for the service including regular behind-the-scenes reports, fighter diaries, UFC Upfront, UFC By the Numbers, UFC Fight Camp Insider and training tips. Plus, there will be exclusive content including the hotly-anticipated upcoming The Ultimate Fighter: Brasil season featuring bitter rivals Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen and future international editions of The Ultimate Fighter will be available exclusively on the UFC Fight Pass service.

“If you are a fight fan, UFC Fight Pass is for you,” White added.

UFC Fight Pass will initially launch in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, with a $9.99 price point per month in all four markets. Content will vary according to local television blackout rules.

A free two month trial starts now through February 28, 2014 providing access to live fights including the UFC’s first ever event in Singapore, UFC Fight Night: SAFFIEDINE vs. LIM, and UFC Fight Pass Prelims.

Visit UFC.TV/FightPass to start your subscription today. Read the UFC Fight Pass FAQ here.



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The marketing juggernaut George “Rush” St. Pierre continues to take on large consumer brands, this time – NOS energy drink.  They showed a shorter clip of this commercial about 300x during the Ultimate Fighter so I had to look it up since it was burned into my brain. I have to admit, the full clip still makes me chuckle. Enjoy.

This video has been up for 11 mos and is still the feature video on the main page of the UFC YouTube channel. Why? Because the UFC is one of the smartest marketing brands in the world.  If you take care of your fans, they take care of you. Love it.

What is the one question I ask on a semi regular basis? (Ok, beyond the question of when MMA will be completely mainstream…)  The answer: when will we see the next Gina Carano?

Despite my earlier misgivings, the answer is quite clear: she is here, she is the current UFC champion, and her name is “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey.  She has headlined UFC PPVs successfully, will co-headline the end of year PPV spectacular  (alongside Weidman-Silva II), has an upcoming spot as the captain of The Ultimate Fighter and is dominating magazine covers left and right.

She took the reigns as the “face of the sport” and has done well upholding herself as a champion and an ambassador for MMA and the UFC in particular. The problem? The world has taken notice.  Rousey has recently signed on for two films next year, The Expendables 3 and Fast & Furious 7.

This is not bad news for Rousey, this is an incredible boost to her own personal brand and an exit to the fight game when she is ready.  The problem for the UFC is that if others like Miesha Tate do not rise to the occasion the way Rousey did there is nothing to fall back on. This is the exact spot Strikeforce and women’s MMA was in back when then juggernaut Gina Carano stepped away from the cage and stepped up to the cameras.

Is Rousey’s heart in Vegas or Hollywood? We’ll see – but frankly, I’ll watch no matter where she winds up.  She has proven to be a class act and the real deal in terms of skill sets.

You read this blog enough, you know my thoughts on “super fights”…my point on how outlandish they are is made here in cartoon form.


I found this commercial very interesting. One because it feels like it should have aired during Chuck’s reign of dominance. That said, I’d still give him whatever he wanted – he’s a bad man.

The second item I found of interest is that it is a Miller Lite ad.  UFC has been intelligent in walking the line of endorsements between Bud Light and Miller lite. I’ll be waiting for the beer trifecta and whether they can slide Coors Light into the mix.

Around the MMA World

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A lot has happened since my last MMA blog post.

  • Ronda Rousey lived up to her hype and successfully defended against a game opponent in Liz Carmouche.  This is great for all parties.  For “Rowdy” Ronda she can now go on as the first reigning, defending women’s MMA champion under the UFC banner. She has even notched herself a coaching spot on the next Ultimate Fighter.
  • Wanderlei Silva defied age again and took home a win against the bigger, younger Brian Stann in Japan.
  • Rashad Evans has taken to the media with his stance on gay marriage.  I would normally commend a fighter for taking a stance outside the cage on a hot button issue. But its Rashad and I think he is just trying to stay relevant and in the spot light.
  • GSP has accepted the role as “Batroc The Leaper” in the upcoming film Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  I think this role will really help St Pierre step out of his shell in playing a different role from his day to day. I am just not sure how he’ll relate to a French Savate fighter.

Now, what’s coming next?

We have four cards coming up in April – which will steal the attention of the world: Goustafsson-Mousasi (FUEL), Faber-Jorgensen (FUEL), Henderson-Melendez (FOX) or Jones-Sonnen (PPV)? Just kidding, we know it is going to be Henderson-Melendez.