Quick Thoughts: UFC on Fox Teixeira-Bader the Aftermath

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Marketing, PR, UFC
From UFC.com/Getty Images

From UFC.com/Getty Images

Fox Sports 1 continues to prove a stronger engine than FX or Fuel ever were.  Fox clearly learned its lessons and continues to produce a quality event for the world’s elite MMA brand.  Sure, it still has the dumb football music, the robots I hate and the two worst announcers in the game (Anik & Florian), but at least the pre-post show coverage and overall film quality are fantastic.

The down and dirty quick thought:

  • 185 lbs you are on notice. “Jacare” Souza is the real deal. If anyone doubted his abilities to dominate this division of the UFC look at how he manhandled and ultimately KO’d Yushin Okami. Say what you will about Okami’s style, but he is one tough guy to finish. When Anderson Silva did it in 2 rounds, I was impressed.  When Souza TKO’d him in 1 – I was caught with awe and fear.  If Weidman somehow gets by Anderson Silva in the rematch, he will not carry the belt much longer than that.  “Jacare” is coming and the gator jaws will clamp down on that gold.
  • Glover is good, but still not great. Don’t get me wrong – Glover Teixeira is one bad man. I would not get into a cage with him.  But, he is still far from where the media and fans have placed him in the “killer” list.  Even though he dispatched Ryan Bader in 1 round, it was not in the same crippling fashion that Souza put away Okami.  Bader gave Texeira more than a scare. He came at him with submission attempts, take downs strikes – and had him wobbled at the end with a good combo.  That said, Glover dusted himself off and got the TKO victory himself. What did this teach us? He isn’t unstoppable.  He noted at the end of his interview he went in a bit too cocky.  He is mentored by longtime champ Chuck Liddell, if anyone should have taught Glover the lesson of keeping your head straight it should have been Chuck. If not, Glover could get Rampage’d before he gets the chance to wear gold.

What did you think of the event?

From UFC.com/Getty Images

From UFC.com/Getty Images


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