Is the UFC still coming to Boston? I wouldn’t know…

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, UFC

Three years ago I proudly watched as the UFC FINALLY came to Boston, MA.  I enjoyed the fan expo…I took in the city’s coverage of the sport via online, print and broadcast. As an MMA fan and a marketer, it was a dream come true.  Now, three years later – where is that same magic?

Rua-Sonnen headlines an event at TD Garden that will be part of a live FOX broadcast.  Not just any Fox broadcast but the birth of its new Fox Sports network (Fox Sports 1). Yet, I see no signs of it anywhere in the city. I have not seen any preshow pieces on fighters in the local papers, a few brief teasers on TV( but nothing substantial), and nothing on the local radio stations.

Am I crazy? Has my sports-enthralled city lose its MMA heartbeat, or did the UFC brush this one under the carpet since there is no title fight in the headliner?


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