UFC: A True Game of Thrones

Posted: May 31, 2013 in UFC
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Over the last few weeks..ok, months – I have been thinking over this post.  Not because of writer’s block, but because it could easily become a far too lengthy manifesto of my two favorite things: MMA & Game of Thrones.  I was originally struck by the above poster that creates a fake line up of “super fights” between the UFC champions.  I jokingly muttered “you win or you die…” and since then what I’ve been playing with is the exact comparison of where the MMA world is now compared to the fictional  world of Westeros.

With full ownership of my geek status….behold: the MMA Game of Thrones.

The Age of Heroes
In Game of Thrones – the early days of the realm were filled with White Walkers, giants and mythological creates the early days of MMA were dark with limited rules and often left people wondering who  was more barbaric – those in the cage or those cheering them on.  However, as much as the seven kingdoms would create a ‘pact of discourse’ the heroes Gracie, Shamrock, Severn and more would agree to a set of core rules and regulations that would provide honor and stability to the realm.  However, this loose affiliation of fight organizations would soon realize that they could not stand alone to survive.

The Conquest
Eventually the fictional realm of Westeros was conquered and united by the Targaryen family, during Aegon’s conquest.  The use of Dragons ensured that all kingdoms would bend the knee – or be destroyed.  One must only look at what the brilliant Fertitta Bros have done with their ownership of the UFC to see they have done the same to the MMA world. Pride, WEC, Strikeforce, Affliction – all have fallen or joined the realm for survival.  As such, the UFC now stands as the only true “kingdom” in the sport.  The remaining organizations Shark Fights, Bellator, etc – are essentially the “Free Cities.”  They are outside the “real world” and are often forgotten until Westerosi are exiled to them. (Ex: Jon Fitch, Babalu Sobral, etc).

The War of Kings
Although the UFC sits proudly on its MMA Iron Throne, the reality is the kingdom could fall at any time if the right rebel stepped up.  Below are the major players in the current UFC/Westeros world:

Dana White – Tywin Lannister
No one in the seven kingdoms is more feared than Tywin Lannister.  Is there anyone else but Dana White who could serve this crucial role?  The brilliant mind of a tactician he takes apart his enemies at will and when they are most weak.  His purse strings keep the sport going and are also able to hire new bannermen as needed to keep the realm in line.

Anderson Silva – Jaime Lannister
There is no one more cocky, or feared than Anderson Silva.  Much like his counterpart “people have been swinging at him” for years – with no one striking him down.  Much like a Lannister, Silva always repays his debts.  You decide to cross him, mock him or insult his family and he will put you to the sword.

Georges St Pierre – Eddard Stark
There is perhaps no one more honorable in the world of MMA than GSP.  Loyal to the crown and a true “UFC man” from the great North of Canada.  That said – honor, duty and loyalty can sometimes bite you.  As such, not all of GSP’s decisions have been popular within the realm.  Working hard and grinding out decision victories – instead of going for the kill (KO/Submission) have caused some fans to revolt against GSP and much like poor Eddard – I wonder if anyone would raise a hand to stop the sword as it came down on his head.

Cain Valesquez – Khal Drogo
Cain is unlike any heavyweight before him.  Strong, fast, agile – he has the speed of a welterweight and the hands of a true heavyweight.  He is the Khal of the this MMA Khalasaar and feared by any that would do battle with him.  His only true enemy at this stage could be himself.  He fell to injury before and if it happens again, he could find himself falling like Drogo…

Jon Jones – Bronn
Jon Jones is a fearsome warrior but a true sell sword if every I saw one.  Much like ol’ Bronn would not kill for free – neither will Jon Jones.  He will completely change his mind on fighting teammates and friends he claimed he would never fight – if the price is right…

Ben Henderson – Jon Snow
This poor bastard cannot catch a break.  Hard working, skilled – respectful but much like how no one will let Jon Snow forget he is bastard born, no one will let Henderson forget that famous “Showtime Kick” that dropped him at the tail end of his WEC career.  Much like Snow, I think Henderson is in it for the long haul and will be making a run for the Iron Throne.

Jose Aldo – Tyrion Lannister
“Scarface” is one of the smartest (and shortest) fighters in the MMA  world. Beloved by fans and feared by most – Jose is another true “lion” in the cage.

Dominic Cruz – Little Finger
Cruz is a truly sly devil.  He was able to market himself against Faber in his WEC days when he had no business doing so and then when all but forgotten –then before anyone could realize it, rose to power in the UFC.  Much like Little Finger switching his focus to the Eyrie for an army, Cruz switched weight classes and amassed a fanbase and skillset unmatched by most in his division.

Demetrious Johnson – Lord Varys
Speedy and deceptive is Demetrious Johnson.  I think he is the most underestimated champion and as such – should be the most feared. Do not take him seriously and you may find yourself on a one way ticket to Pentos….

Rhonda Rousey – Asha Greyjoy (Yara if you only watch the HBO series)
Rousey is relentless – a true iron born warrior. Just as Asha would cut anyone in her path, Rousey continues to make appointments pay the iron price by taking their arms and hanging them on her wall. She is not content to abide by a “boys club” and has shown that if a “Queensmoot” were to take place – she herself would rise as the MMA Queen.


If you are interested in any other Game of Thrones content, check out my other site “The North Remembers.”


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