GSP- Diaz: The Aftermath

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Marketing, PR, UFC
Photo via USA Today

Photo via USA Today

This picture tells the tale of the tape. For 5 rounds GSP smashed Nick Diaz. He took him down at will and out boxed him on his feet.  There was no confusion as to who was the better fighter.

That said, there are still those that complained about the fight.  GSP was chastised for “being boring” or “just wrestling.” I won’t write a long piece here because my take is a short one: if you don’t like Georges’ style, then stop him. It is that simple.  Stop complaining and do something about it.  Until someone can stop his take down, stop his elbows from smashing their face or out-strike him, then there is no argument to be made against him. GSP is the most dominant welterweight in UFC history. (And this is coming from a Hughes fan boy).


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