Ultimate Fighter: Jones vs. Sonnen

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

The Ultimate Fighter has finally received the “reboot” it deserved.  The Ultimate Fighter “Live” was a great concept on a horrible night. Much like most of the target demographic, as much as I love the UFC, I was not going to stay home on a Friday to watch a reality show.  Now, back to weedays (Tues @ 9 ET) the show is back on my radar.

Although most people were probably pulled in by the hype train of Jones-Sonnen, I was pulled in by the excellent production of the series.  The “reality show” look and feel of this program is gone. It no longer looks like it was shot on the set of a soap opera (sorry SPIKE) and now has the look and feel of a weekly documentary.  I love it.

Only 3 episodes in and I like the coaching by both fighters.  Things could change and both egos could step forward, but for now it appears to be about the fighters and getting them ready to win the competition.  For those wondering about the caliber of talent this year.  Check out what Dana White is calling “one of the nastiest knockouts I’ve ever seen in the fight business, let alone on the Ultimate Fighter” as Team Sonnen’s Uriah Hall and Team Jones’ Adam Cella go toe-to-toe in Episode 3.

What do you think of TUF so far this season?

  1. ryankorz says:

    I am loving the new season and I am very pleasantly surprised with Sonnen’s coaching style. I really liked the mental preparation and sports psychology talk that he had with Uriah Hill in episode two. I also like that he has an “in the trenches” approach to coaching his team. I figured he’d be good and bring in good coaches but he has thoroughly impressed me thus far. On Jones’ side I think he is really making the effort to impart as much as he can on his guys and has brought in all-star coaching as well. Pretty nice to have an assistant coach like Frank Mir to back you up.

    I really didn’t get his strategy in picking fight 1 and thought the mismatch was too big. It played out that way and episode two – WOW. Uriah Hill has some UNBELIEVABLE leg kicks. I just wish he’d keep his hands up more as I can see the potential for someone to step in and catch him that way. If he keeps his head straight I think it’s his show to lose. Monstrous KO. I loved Dana’s locker talk afterwards about the other guys just forgetting KO of the season and chasing the other awards instead.

    Sonnen hit the nail on the head about Uriah’s nature being his worst enemy and I hope it’s something he can move beyond because he has some unreal abilities already.

    Do you think Jones will start losing his cool if his team keeps losing?

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