UFC 157 Primetime: Rousey vs. Carmouche – Episode 1

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce, UFC

If you missed the first episode of Primetime, stop and watch it.  I love this series. Of all the packages the UFC marketing juggernaut creates, this is the best produced item in the arsenal.

I posed the question last week if Rousey was ready, the answer is yes.  I rarely change my mind on fighters (consider myself a good judge of character) but in this case, I can feel better about the Rousey media blitz.  Remember, I never doubt the skills – but the mentality. When a fighter gets too much press too fast, you have to wonder if the hype cycle will overtake them. Will they begin to believe their own hype?

The beauty of the prime time series is that no matter if it is GSP, Rampage, or Rousey – they will show your human side. This first episode breaks down Rousey.  You’ll see the emotional breakdown when she discusses her Father, but that is not the breakdown I mean.  What drew me in, what got me to say “alright, I like you,” – was the humble side.  When Rousey discusses the respect for Carmouche, shows her training (even while just walking through her apartment) you can tell her head is still on straight.  If you read this blog enough, you know that is what I look for. I may be a huge fight fan, but as a PR guy I’m always looking for “who could you sell.”  And although sports marketing will look to market the brash, cocky vocal fighters (yes, that is what  drew the media to Rousey in the first place…) I always look for the PR Gem.  Yes, the Rich Franklin factor.

Now, I’m not blindly promoting just Rousey – this series first episode did a really nice job giving us the 411 on Carmouche as well. A skilled fighter with a prominent reputation, still working hard in the gym she trains in. (And if you didn’t watch the video, I mean she actually works there as staff).

Looking forward to episode 2. For those still harping on why this is a main event instead of Henderson-Machida, give it a watch and let me know if it changes your tune.

  1. halltammy45 says:

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  2. ryankorz says:

    So glad you posted this because I missed it. I agree with you about this being one of their UFC PR juggernauts but I love it as well and this episode was particularly outstanding. I was riveted when Rousey talked about her father and could see how she was visibly shaken as she discussed how the frequent media requests to speak on that matter feels almost like prostituting his memory. All for career gain … but she still feels obligated to speak on it. Riveting stuff and her training and the speed drill at her apartment shows her tenacity. She reminds me of old school GSP in the countdown shows when he was shown traveling like a maniac hours per day to train at various gyms. Rousey is doing an obscene amount of that each training day but her results speak for themselves. I was also happy with the coverage of her opponent Carmouche whom I knew next to nothing about prior to the show. Looks like a good match up.

    Do you have Rousey winning in her signature fashion or do you think she’ll actually be tested this time to show her stand a bit?

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