Super Fights or Just Weight Jumps?

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

First it was Edgar vs. Aldo, then Jones vs. Sonnen, the potential of Evans vs. Silva now we have Pettis vs Aldo.  The title of super fight is going to be thrown around a lot. The question needs to be whether these descriptions are accurate, or if they are just weight jumpers.

Are these fights truly the best for the divisions, or are people just jumping around for the faster title shot?

I don’t have a fully fleshed out perspective yet, but the eyebrow is raised and the questions will continue to bounce around in my noggin’….

  1. ryankorz says:

    To be honest I’d rather see these occasional superfights at hybrid weight classes than to have the multitude of weight classes that we see in boxing. I feel like nowadays we have a ton of depth really in every division unlike the days were Tim Sylvia reigned over a depleted HW division.

    That being said, it’s really a hazardous scenario for many of the fighters mentioned in these conversations. Does GSP really need to fight Silva if it takes him a year to put on the size needed and he’ll have basically given himself a real uphill struggle to lose that size afterwards when it comes time to come back down to 170 and defend his title? Does anyone not names Kenny Florian have a legitimate argument to fight in more than two weight divisions in their career?

    I truly feel like only a VERY select few should even be realistically entertained. Maybe Jones moving up to HW or Silva and Jones at 205. Keep GSP were he belongs and let Aldo continue his warpath over his division. No more Florians and no more Fabers getting bite after bite without fruition. Same for Edgar – I’m tired of the Rocky Balboa comparisons. This is the UFC – give me a man who’s all heart and I’ll show you a man who has got a slobberknocker and hellacious beating coming their way.

    As a PR guy, do you think these superfights are ultimately going to be better or worse for the sport? Is it worth losing GSP or Silva’s mystique?

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