The End of Strikeforce

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

The end for Strikeforce has been predicted for quite some time. For many of us it was only a matter of “when.”  Similar grunts were made when PRIDE was assimilated into the UFC and now with the “fall” of Strikeforce the negative Neds are back in full force.

Some fans will argue that the lack of other MMA brands is hurting the sport.  That without competition we’ll have an MMA monopoly.  I respond by saying “so what?”  Although there are minor leagues for almost every sport we know that the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS and NBA are THE only pro stop for their respective sports.  Why can’t the UFC be the same for MMA?

I don’t see it as a stranglehold (so to speak) on the sport, but instead see it as a way to truly breathe life into it.  What better way for new fans to meet this sport than to see the best in the business square off on the best platforms and networks available. There will be no confusion over who the true champions are now in each respective division – to quote Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod… There can be only one.

  1. Ryan Korzeniowski says:

    As long as they bring in the very best fighters I agree with you. Boxing is a prime example of too many federations and too much ambiguity about who really is the best in respective divisions. The UFC is closing in on having the Camel Clutch on MMA so that Sherdog rankings will be entirely UFC roster – as it should be.

    Besides we get to see top draws matriculate over and we want to – Milendez is dying to fight for the strap and should. Likewise with Nate the Great and some of the other top dogs of Strikeforce. I can’t wait to see Roger Gracie and Jacare. Imagine Jacare vs. Anderson. Daniel Cormier presents some interesting match ups as does Gegard Mousassi (spelling?).

    Which fighter do you think is the biggest acquisition we’ll see out of Strikeforce?

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