The Cost of War

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, UFC
From Lauzon Twitter & Instragram feeds

From Lauzon Twitter & Instragram feeds

Let’s hit 88 mph and go back in time as I was planning this post several weeks ago…

My choice for Fight of the Night at UFC 155 proved more than that – Lauzon v. Miller was named Fight of the Year for the UFC and many MMA publications

Surprisingly there are very few fights that can appeal to both the hardcore loyal MMA fans (those that actually know the sport) and the more xx fan that simply enjoy the back and forth slugfest (the bloodthirsty – unfair description admittedly, but hang in here with me).  You may remember the last time I checked in here at the blog (a few weeks back) I noted I wanted to dissect this fight further. At the time, I wanted to look at the rounds, the styles of fight and what made it so exciting – now, instead I want to think about the negative label fights like this could give MMA.

Those that have a true appreciation for the sport are those that understand the grueling nature of the clinch, the chess like precision of grappling and poetic beauty of a perfect KO.  That said, there are less educated fans that boo events because they don’t understand the true intensity of working against the cage and just expect two fighters to “just scrap.”  If there is one key message to this blog it has always been that MMA is a highly regulated sport consisting of top athletes.

For the laymen fan, they could have two different interpretations of the Lauzon-Miller fight.  For the “Bloodthirsty” they will think all fights should be like this and complain when they see the human chess matches that can be at times considered “boring.”  The other is the fearful fan who still thinks this is human cockfighting.  They are the fans shouting “throw in the damn towel” and having flashbacks of Ivan Drago-Apollo Creed.

Lauzon commented a few nights after the fight that he would not want to engage in those types of wars in fear of damaging his brain, although that reality is a possibility so is the reality that these fights could hurt the UFC brand if seen too regularly on network TV like Fox.

What do you think?

  1. Ryan Korzeniowski says:

    My money is on Mike Russow dying in the ring (cardio gives out and he eats a flying knee etc.) before Lauzon does. Joe is intelligent and reflective as you pointed out and I feel like he will not allow himself to take the kind of consecutive beatings that have taken the mental processing speed off of someone like Big Nog – lovable but well on his way to having the old punch drunk boxer’s brain sadly.

    I don’t think it will hurt the Fox shows and may actually bring people over to watch if it’s a hellacious fight. No one wants to see an awful errant eye poke or anything so it’s not just pure bloodlust but most fans want to see the dramatic fighting and overcoming of adversity that happens when someone Rocky Balboa’s their way to victory. Unfortunately, it’s more like BJ Penn bathing in Joe Stevenson’s blood and then seeing his wife crying and deciding to end it quickly out of mercy.

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