Matt Hughes Retires

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Leaving the sport a decorated veteran, Matt Hughes will now serve the UFC as VP of Athlete Development & Government Relations  From the official press release:

“Matt Hughes, the legendary Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) Hall of Famer and former two-time welterweight champion, officially announced his retirement from UFC competition today. He has eagerly accepted a new role as he joins the organization’s front office, taking the newly created position of Vice President of Athlete Development and Government Relations.

To coincide with this appointment, UFC has also created a clear set of athlete guidelines, or Conduct Policy, memorializing the values long held by the organization. As ambassadors of the sport and the organization, UFC athletes have always been held to a high standard. The UFC recognizes that athletes face both professional and personal pressures, and with health and safety paramount, the Conduct Policy coupled with the new resource Hughes will provide in his role, best positions UFC athletes for a successful career and post-UFC future.”

You know from this blog how much I love Hughes, I won’t be able to do him justice in a write up. Instead, here are some images of my favorite Hughes moments.

  1. Ryan Korzeniowski says:

    How do you not have the Carlos Newton double knockout slam? That’s one of my favorite moments in the sport and for Hughes as well.

    Agree with you on his role as a PR and ambassador. I actually would love to see him in the analysis booth instead of Kenny Florian when they do Fox or FX events. Of all the TUF coaches, he was probably the most consistently professional and one of the most helpful to his team. He just has that ingrained work ethic that breeds success and I am lucky to have enjoyed his career during his pinnacle moments.

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