Everyone Gets a Trophy

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Marketing, PR, UFC

So, let me get this straight: Nick Diaz loses to Carlos Condit for the interim welterweight championship.  He is suspended for a year for once again violating drug policy.  His first fight back is against Georges St. Pierre for the undisputed championship.

I’m as perplexed at this as I am the media’s sudden adoption of Ray Lewis.  I guess we can just forget the past when it suits us….

Edgar gets a shot at Aldo this weekend, Sonnen will get a shot at Jones in a few months… If I play my cards right I will have a title match before making a pro debut.

Now, will I NOT watch any of these fights? Of course I will. I’ll watch each one. This is just me being grumpy or a fan….either way I got it out of my system.

  1. Ryan Korzeniowski says:

    I feel like it’s getting similar to boxing in this sense were fighters are never really locked into the number one contender slot. Box office draw can quickly displace the deserving Johnny Hendricks because the God’s honest truth is that Nick Diaz will put more cheeks in the seats. It’s similar with Sonnen he really isn’t deserving but we all know he’ll hype, he’ll fight and … he’ll get SMASHED.

    It stinks because I would love to see the best always fighting the best but it’s the business side that comes to the forefront. Let’s face it – did Brock deserve his first shot at the title based on his wins up to that point – arguably yes but it’s not a locked in argument by any stretch. He did however sell PPVs like crazy.

    Do you think part of the contender problem is working around injuries or is it mainly the combination of figuring out who deserves AND who sells. For all of Carlos Condit’s skill (and I am like you in loving the style and humility of Condit), the reality is that he was not a sell like Diaz will be. God I can’t believe I have to write that – I’m with you on Diaz being undeserving here but it’s going to happen so I best prepare myself for a GSP smothering in the works.

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