Don’t put all your eggs in one MMA basket

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

I have a lot of  issues with the push behind Ronda Rousey and none of them are Ronda.  I don’t mind her brash attitude or her confidence – you need personality and you need to believe you are the best in order to be a champion. My problem is that right now she is having the same pressure placed on her shoulders as Gina Carano and Chuck Liddell did years ago. The pressure of carrying the entire show.

Instead of trying to develop a variety of divisions and personalities, the recent push by the UFC comes across as simply being the Ronda show.  Now, if you read this blog you’re probably confused.  “Haven’t you been asking for the next Gina Carano?” you ask. Yes. I have. In fact, I’ve pleaded several times on this blog for the next Gina…but now that we have her – can she live up to the challenge? The skill set is there no doubt about that – now it is just living with the pressure.

Only time will tell how her reign plays out.  I wish her luck as an athlete, but hope the UFC can build a bench of talent around her in order to keep momentum and fan interest in the division.

  1. Ryan Korzeniowski says:

    It’s a tough scenario. She is unbelievably talented and on a personal level I would LOVE to have a seminar with her and learn some of her insane judo abilities that she spent years cultivating. She is outstanding, well spoken and puts cheeks in the seats with her smack talk and bravado walk.

    On the other hand there just isn’t depth in this division. No matter how good she is – iron sharpens iron as Randy once said on TUF. Without fighting Cyborg or even if she does fight Cyborg – who else does she steamroll through before it gets uninteresting. She can hype, she can deliver but I just don’t see a lot of marque match ups to test her. It’s like being HW champ Tim Sylvia – sure you are champ – nothing and no one can take that away but who did you fight? Was there a worthy opponent to challenge you or was it tomato can Saturday every PPV.

    It sucks because she is amazing and I wish she could be marketed well and have great fights but who is going to bring a realistic challenge?

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