UFC 155: The Aftermath

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Marketing, PR, UFC
Photo from Yahoo! Sports

Photo from Yahoo! Sports


As an EOY card, UFC 155 could be forgettable.  The undercard on FX was interesting, but not ground breaking, as were many of the initial fights on the PPV.  However, the co-main events are what will stand out in your mind as two of the greatest fights of 2012.


I said from the start this would be fight of the night and I was thrilled to see that it did not let me down.  Both fighters showed the “warrior’s heart” that true “stand-and-bang” fans love, but also a strategic and calculated effort that the martial arts crowd loves.  I’m going to write a separate post about this fight in the new year. It deserves its own entry.


Cue the trilogy.  We know it is coming.  My thoughts leading into this PPV was that the only way the UFC walks away a winner is if Cain wins, setting up another fight.  And, boy, did Cain win.

This was as lopsided a fight as we’ve seen in a long time.  Cain came out aggressive and through striking put Junior Dos Santos in a world of hurt early.  Unlike in his fight with Brock Lesnar however, Velasquez never put away the champion. He won, and won decisively – by decision.

For those that say this “wiped away” the 64 second KO he suffered at the hands of JDS last year – you’re wrong.  He may have avenged his loss, but this does not erase that KO.  What JDS did that night was win without any doubt.  Cain may have won the fight, but he certainly did not “beat” the champion.  JDS was like a Brazilian zombie. He would not stay down, he would not “stay dead.”   He came out to the theme from Rocky and he had the heart (and skull) or Rocky Balboa.  JDS is a true champion and I look forward to his return.

I mean no slight to the new HFW champion.  He deserves the W, and he is the champion.  However, in 2013 I see a third and final battle and I think the man in the Nike trunks will have his hand raised this time….

What did you think of UFC 155?

  1. Ryan Korzeniowski says:

    I agree with you analysis here especially in regard to the impending trilogy fight between JDS and Cain. They have a great style contrast and I think if they fought ten times Cain might win 4 times and JDS 6. I truly hope the UFC markets it appropriately and gives it the attention it deserves. Leading up to this fight I felt it lacked the kind of push that has been given to other cards this year despite it being the closing card of the year and chock full of great fighters.

    Do you think a trilogy is merited without JDS fighting someone in between?

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