UFC 153: Back to Basics

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Oh the difference a month can make.  UFC 151 was scrapped and stricken from the records due to an injury and a champion’s inability to step up.  UFC 152 & 153 have shown a complete 360; the event is nothing but company men “stepping up.”

With UFC 152 we know that it was Vitor Belfort that answered the call when Lyoto Machida said his title shot was provided under “too short” a notice.  However UFC 153 has been a who’s who of company men.  When UFC featherweight Champion Jose Aldo’s opponent was hurt, it was former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar that stepped up, noted he would drop weight and take the title shot in order to maintain the card’s main event.

This was HUGE for the UFC.  Not only did they have reassurance that Edgar was “their man” but also knew they had a blockbuster in the works.  A battle of two champions is always one that fans want to see – especially given the interest from fans (and UFC brass) for Edgar to drop down to featherweight.  This was a dream come true….of course, all dreams must end.

Over the last few days it was announced that Jose Aldo would know need to pull out of the fight due to an injury sustained during a motorcycle accident.  Although Edgar told the UFC he would stay on the card if they needed him they were able to grant him a reprieve.  Why?  Because two UFC stars have risen to the occasion to give another main event.

Anderson “Spider” Silva, the most dominant middle weight champion of all time, will step up to light heavyweight and face The Ultimate Fighter 1 finalist and fan favorite “The American Psycho” Stephan Bonnar in a light heavyweight match.  Although this match up may confuse some fans – I love it.  For branding purposes more than fighting ones.

Silva has shown what a true champion is.  On short notice he will step up to a division that does him no service to pay service to his bosses (both the UFC execs and the Brazil fans who love their champion so dearly).  This is what makes a champion great.  This fight does not help his legacy, it does not help his personal brand or the myth of his winning streak.  It only reinforces that he is the honorable man that has

Bonnar has always been a UFC company man.  Since putting on the most important fight in UFC history against Forrest Griffin, Bonnar has always done what has been asked of him.  There are never complaints or demands – simply memorable fights (win or lose).  The reason I like this fight is that realistically, Bonnar will never challenge for a title.  THIS IS HIS TITLE FIGHT.  For Bonnar, this will be the fight he will define his career by. He will step into the Octagon in foreign territory and take on a local.  He will take on a champion.  He will take on someone that has been christened by many as the greatest MMA star of all time.  Bonnar can’t turn back the clock and beat Griffin to become The Ultimate Fighter.  But in one night he has the opportunity to do what Forrest could not, go more than 1 round with the Spider.  This fight to me has a very “Rocky” quality to it.  It isn’t about winning and losing it is about showing you can stand up, keep getting up and go 3 rounds with a pound for pound legend.

UFC 153….here we go! October…get here already.

  1. chris9911 says:

    I guess there is nobody left for him to fight. The way Silva dismantled everybody, Stephen won’t look any worse. I personally would prefer to see Nick Diaz vs. Silva over this one.

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