Frankie Got Edgar’d

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Marketing, PR, UFC

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It has been an interesting few weeks in the world of MMA and, in particular, the UFC.  There has been an odd twist in how fights have finished. I’ll get into the specifics on actual endings of fights later in this post, but I mean more from a fan appreciation stand point.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the disappointing UFC 149 PPV.  The UFC put on a great card but the talent did not deliver for the fans once the PPV fights began. The undercard on FX more than delivered and fans were treated to an exciting array of MMA action.  Following this PPV card was the free UFC on Fox event of Shogun vs. Vera.  Writers, including myself, dismissed this card and thought it would not make sense in terms of the overall LHW division.

Well, we were wrong.  What happened on this free card?

  • Lyoto Machida earned himself a crack at the winner of Jones/Hendo;
  • Vera breathed new life into his career with a stunning showing against Shogun;
  • Rua proved he was still a finisher; and,
  • Joe Lauzon soundly defeated former WEC champion Jamie Varner.

Not a bad showing for fans looking for free action, and for the UFC looking to lure new fans in to witness the variety of skills that can be showcased within the Octagon.

Then came UFC 150, another PPV event.  I did not order this card.  I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge Frankie Edgar fan and seeing him again on a main card did little for me.  I don’t dislike him, seems like a great guy with a hard work ethic.  But for whatever reason, his fights never interest me.  As this would be the 3rd set of rematches for Edgar, the UFC made it clear that no matter the outcome it would be final and new challengers would be brought into the title fight equation.

Well, fans are now in an uproar as Frankie Edgar lost the decision to champion Ben Henderson in what I can only call “Getting Edgar’d.”  Fans can’t get mad at the UFC brass for this.  They made it clear from the start to both fighters there needed to be a clear and decisive winner. Fans can’t be upset with the UFC if the fighters do not finish a fight. It is Dana White himself who continues to shout “don’t leave it in the hands of the judges” each and every season of TUF.

If Edgar wanted it as badly as had hoped, he would have found a way to leave no confusion to the judges.  This is much like BJ Penn’s defeat at the hands of Edgar. Although he had soundly won the rematch, I still profess that BJ should never have lost the best to Edgar in their first battle. I though Penn won a majority of the rounds, but I’m not a judge. He left it in their hands and the rest is history.

As a fan, I’d like to see this “no rematches” clause more often and see what it does in terms of pressing the action. Could be interesting.


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