UFC on Fox 4: Live Blogging

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

I think I’ll just stay home and do my hair tonight… (photo via Yahoo! Sports)

9:00 pm ET

Trying something new tonight. For once I’m home on a Friday night during an FX card soI’m going to blog alongside the UFC on FX card and see how this flows. With that said, please forgive any typos, grammar issues and of course, anti-Florian tirades.

God, I really do not like the Anik-Florian combo calling the fights….yeah, this duo is not going to do it for me…they actually make me prefer to see the Fox robots fight over the NFL music.

First fight up is Swanson-Pearson

Round 1

Swanson showed great speed and creativity in his strikes. He showed some of the first effective Capoeira kicks I’ve seen in an MMA fight. For his first fight at featherweight, Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson looked great.  He has a “sizeable” advantage over most 145’ers and his powershots definitely “woke up” Swanson each time he connected.

Round 2

Nevermind.  Just as I think Pearson is going to end the fight Cub Swanson hits an part of a front kick and a combo of two rights and a left for a TKO Pearson in Rd 2.I never thought much of Cub Swanson. In fact, I usually considered him a Jonathan Goulet type of “fish” for competitors to walk through in the Octagon.  Well, he certainly told me to shut up during this card.

This is why I don’t like Kenny Florian on the mic.  He just compared the athletic ability of Cub Swanson to that of champion Jose Aldo? I think not Florian.  Not even close.

9:30 ET

The UFC is doing its best to push the Franklin-Silva card, but let’s be honest – no one is buying this card.  There isn’t enough for the average fan to warrant the $50+ price tag.  And this comes from one of the biggest “Ace” fans you’re going to meet.

9:40 pm ET
Time for a filler match. Brian Ebersole vs TJ Waldburger.  How this fight made it to the main card I”m not sure. But hey, these guys could prove me wrong.  Kenny Florian apparently does not listen to the UFC PPV cards as he makes the same joke as both Goldie & Rogan about Ebersole’s chest hair. Yes, Kenny I’m sure his hair grew out in an arrow form…

You have to love Bruce Buffer.  He is the only person that can sell either of these guys in intros. I’m legit pumped and I don’t know why.

Round 1:

Wadburger comes out strong with some solid shots and submission attempts.  He pulls a quick darse choke and just before Ebersole turns purple he escapes.  Solid submission attempts and defenses here.

For the remainder of the fight these two did a great job of jumping in and out at each other. It was a lovely ballet of striking and strike avoidance.

9:49 pm ET

Round 2:

Dear god Kenny Florian, please stop calling it a Dar-say  choke. It really bothers me considering your a BJJ blackbelt.  The jujitsu of this fight is great but the commentary is killing me. I think Florian is like the Food Network’s Giada DeLaurentis and thinks he needs to over pronunciate every move that takes place.

Wadburger is spending most of the second round on his back, but the man is working every submission attempt he can think of. I hope he is wracking up some points with the judges but I have a feeling this round is all Ebersole since he is “on top.”

Ebersole finally turns up the heat in the closing seconds dropping thunderous elbows and a right hand.  Waldburger is saved by the bell.  Great end to the round.

Round 3:

9:54 pm ET

Sigh. Sorry folks, anyone reading this must think I’m a miserable ass. But this announcing is killing me.  Ebersole drops a great kick and for the last 30 seconds Kenny Florian has discussed how he has no name for that kick.  I do ” a kick.” Let’s move on.

Waldburger really wants a triangle choke. He keeps working for it which is great, but the man has to close the deal.  Kudos to Ebersole because he keeps breaking the hold and dropping vicious bombs to the body and head.

Not going to lie. I keep thinking they are calling this kid “Wahlburger.”  Marky Mark – nothing but love.

Round 3 ends. Pretty sure Ebersole won the decision that will not move him any closer to a title shot.

10: 02 pm ET

…and I’m right. Unanimous decision: Ebersole.

After the next round of commercials we should get a great fight in the 3rd installment of the Sam Stout-Spencer Fisher trilogy.  These two have put on two instant classics and I cannot wait to see them do it again.

We’re back.  And after a brief recap of the first two fights…we’re back to commercial.  As a marketer, I get it – it is a free card so we have to make that money one way or another.

Now the fourth time seeing the Franklin-Silva trailer. I could watch “Ace” knock out Nate Quarry all day – but it is still not going to get me to buy this weekend’s PPV card.

Round 1:

10:11  pm ET

Thank you Mr Anik for reminding us again that this is a trilogy. I can’t see if the Militech camp is still Fisher’s corner but I see a familiar face behind Sam Stout – Mark Dellagrotte.

Fisher looks sharp throwing very fast leather from the start.Interesting twist, after two fights of just throwing punches both fighters are working kicks tonight.  The Forrest Griffin leg kick attack book was certainly studied by both fighters.

And with a twist, Stout hits a great double leg take down. Spencer is working defense, but he is also eating some very short elbows from Stout. Fisher gets out and Stout hits double leg number 2. Relatively even round but the two take downs likely steal the round for Stout.

Round 2:

10:18 pm ET

Four minutes or so of just boxing. A shout from the corner and BAM big double let take down from Stout. I’m beginning to wonder if GSP wrote and published a book of take downs in Canada.


10:23 pm ET

Anik and Florian really want to sell this fight. I’m sorry, I respect both fighters but this fight is no where near the barn burners of fight 1 and 2.  After some further darting in and out, another take down by Stout.

Final 10 seconds and these guys finally open up. It is a little too late. Neither get a knock out or knock down as the horn blows. They embrace and chat. I imagine one must giving the same speech Shamrock gave Ortiz “we made a lot of money together…”

My guess: Stout by unanimous decision.

10:31 pm ET

Another trailer for Franklin-Silva. I get it. The fight is tomorrow.

30-27 Unanimous decision for Sam “Hands of Stone” Stout.

First interesting thing I’ve heard from Anik all night – Maynard has left Extreme-Couture MMA and now trains with a group in CA.  We’ll see if it helps but I find it hard to believe he is going to find better trainers or partners than at “The Natural’s” gym.

10:36 pm ET

They flash to the weigh ins for Franklin-Silva. Two seasoned vets that somehow both look younger than they did the first time they fought. Clean living. Got to love it. (And no, that is not sarcasm. Read Ace’s blog, the man is one of the healthiest eaters you’re going to find.)

Time for the main event. FINALLY.  This will be a great battle of two tremendous wrestlers.  Both have an edge, Maynard with striking, Guida with cardio.  Let’s see who gets to put theirs on display tonight.

God, I need you to shut up Florian.  Florian just stated that Guida is the “Rocky” of the UFC. He lacks skills and natural ability but wins through heart. No, I’m pretty sure he wins with some pretty amazing wrestling and submission skills.  He is also a former Strikeforce lightweight champion. I know this is tough for certain people who have taken multiple bites at the golden apple and not come back with a strap.

Very interesting twist, crowd is booing Maynard.

Round 1:

10:50 pm ET

The crowd finally showing some life tonight with the “Guida” chants.

Both fighters look great so far.  Crisp boxing from Maynard but the in-and-out style of Guida is avoiding any damage. This is a a much more tentative Maynard than we’ve seen the last few years.  I think the two Edgar fights have taught him to reserve his cardio for the 5 rounders.

Surprisingly its been Maynard working the jab and Guida tossing the overhand right.  The round ends and I call that one a draw.

Round 2:

10:57 pm ET

After two and half minutes of staring at each other Maynard begins to stalk and move in.  Maynard seems frustrated by Guida’s movement. It is clear he wants a KO tonight.

Crowd is getting impatient, beginning to boo both fighters.

Guida opens up with a headkick and follows up with a combination of punches. Florian takes another pop at Guida stating it “isn’t pretty, but  is effective.”

End of the round. Too close for me to call. Luckily I’m not a judge.

Round 3:

11: 03 pm ET

Maynard opens and lands with a nice combo to Guida.  Still no take down attempts from either fighter.

Spoke too soon. At the 3 minute mark, Maynard goes for the  take down and is stuffed by Guida. Tired of moving forward and following Guida around the cage, Maynard gives him the bird. I wonder if his new CA camp is the Diaz camp.

Florian is now talking about how he beat Guida with a baby right hook and Guida should try that. Can’t help but notice Kenny isn’t discussing his fight in the home town of Boston against Maynard. Oh yeah, you lost that one soundly.

Round 4:

11: 09 pm ET

This fight needs to pick up. I’m all for strategy but at this point the fans aren’t getting a fight but a dance lesson.

Maynard gets a hold of Guida in the clinch and nails 3 strong knees. Guida with a hard head moves on as if he took nothing.

Maynard finally gets a hold of Guida and drops 4 knees. Let’s go of him and starts jawing at him. Maynard took two punches to show he could and then locked in a solid guillotine. I thought it was lights out and then Guida on the ground delivered a mini powerbomb to break it up.

Great end to the round. Exactly what the fight needs to bring some juice to the crowd.

Round 5:

11:15 pm ET

Some solid shots from Maynard and a surprise attempt at a flying knee. Guida keeps dancing.

He sense my sarcasm, Guida hits Maynard with a head kick and a combo of punches. Maynard follows up with some rights of his own.

The ref warns Guida that he needs to stop “running’ or a point will be taken away. From there these two are swinging for the fences. Maynard drops to try a takedown. Maynard is now trying to set up a knee to the body for the Evan-Ortiz type of finish. Guida escapes.

That’s the fight. 5 rounds and I have no clue who won.

11: 23 pm ET

Split decision..really?  Gray Maynard wins by split decision. I can’t argue that. He did more damage throughout.

Maynard notes he wants Edgard to beat Ben Henderson so he can get another crack at him.

well, that is it for me. I’m calling it a night. What did you think, you like the live blogging or should I stick to the day after analysis?


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