Anderson Silva: The Greatest of All Time

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Marketing, PR, UFC

My previous post gains more paranoia with the release of the UFC’s latest promo video.  Dubbing Anderson Silva “The Greatest of all Time” frightens me.  Not because of the statement – there is little on the books to dispute it right now – but because of the pressure on Silva.  Can you live up to this hype, or will it engulf you into a lackadaisical approach to the fight?

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Truly the greatest. Can’t wait for the rematch against Sonnen :).

  2. ryankorz says:

    The man eats Big Mac sandwhiches 48 hours before his title fights and then goes out and it’s “boots 2 asses” time.

    He is in a different class just like Jon “Bones” Jones, the crime fighter by day and six headed MMA dragon by night. However, he has always been a class act and doesn’t need Jackson to tell him to “check on your opponent and win some fans” nor does he have DUI issues. I remember the flack he got for not finishing his Brazilian opponents and just embarrassing them with the difference in skill but he has never been a trash talker and has always viewed himself as a work in progress fighter/champion.

    He is a respectful martial artists (same vein here as GSP), metrosexual/sharp dressed man, killing machine and pound for pound G.O.A.T. of the MMA world.

    If only he would stop pretending to not speak English.

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