The HOF Bad Boy Tito Ortiz

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Forget the “Hungtingon Beach Bad Boy,” forget “The People’s Champion,” forget “Mr Jenna Jameson” – Mr Ortiz now only needs one nickname – Mr Hall of Fame.

What better way to celebrate the 300th post of the blog than with the inclusion of another trailblazer to the UFC hall of fame. I haven’t always been a fan of Tito. In fact, for most of his career I hated him.  Some may say I was a member of Team Shamrock.

That said, when he returned to coach The Ultimate Fighter Season III I had a newfound respect for Ortiz. He showed that he was more than the brash, foul mouth champion of old but was in fact a great coach and mentor.  That Ortiz has remained in the UFC, but has lacked the wins and sheer intimidation of his former self.

For that reason, many are now questioning his entrance to the UFC HOF.  One cannot forget what Tito has delivered to the MMA world and the UFC specifically.  Tito carried the UFC during its “dark years” much like Brock carried the UFC over in its PPV mega climb. Ortiz still holds the record as the longest  reigning, defending light heavyweight champion. He also was a personality trendsetter in that he was the first fighter with…well, personality. He was also a cunning business man creating Punishment Athletics (which he pimped mercilessly that TUF3 season) and the Punishment Athletic Center training facility.

Whether Ortiz goes out on top or with a loss at UFC 147, his legacy is secured as one of MMA’s greats.

Bad Boy Basics:
Real Name: Jacob Christopher Ortiz
Record: 16-10-5
Notable Wins: Wanderlei Silva, Ken Shamrock, Vitor Belfort
Notable Feuds: Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, Ken Shamrock
Most fights in UFC history (26)
Most successful Light Heavyweight title defenses in UFC history (Five); Most consecutive Light Heavyweight title defenses in UFC history (Five)

So with legacy in hand, what do you think – does Ortiz win or lose his rubber match against former champion and TUF alumni Forrest Griffin?

  1. Couldn’t agree more about a.) him deserving to be in the HOF b.) him being a personality and winner that could put cheeks in the seats back when the UFC needed it and c) him earning my appreciation and respect ten fold as a TUF coach against Scamrock. I also feel his lackluster latter fights were very much due to injury and a back riddled with issues. Even in recent fights he looks great at first then slows down like Tank Abott trying to do sprints.

    Anyways, if nothing else he deserves HOF pimp status for upgrading his tax bracket by marrying the Queen of Porn. Good for you Bad Boy, good for you. Even if you were as bad a gambler as they say Pacquiao is, you’ll never be without a grade A sugar mama.

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  3. ryankorz says:

    And let’s not forget his stellar acting performance in Jet Li’s “Cradle 2 the Grave.” It was Tito Ortiz playing Tito Ortiz like Hulk Hogan played Hulk Hogan as Rip in “No Holds Barred.”

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