Kenny Kenflo Retires from MMA

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Marketing, PR, UFC

I could only think of one statement when I saw the title of this video: “Erroneous, Erroneous on all accounts!”

Yes, this is petty – but I’m doing a happy dance right now.  Unlike with Mayhem Miller this isn’t a retirement that truly bother me. Good bye, you won’t be missed and I look forward to muting you when your commentary job begins.  Please, please, please don’t ever drop Joe Rogan from the line-up.  With Mir likely out of title contention I hope they can finally forgive his previous on-air snafus and bring him back to the mic. I would much rather hear him than the recently retired Florian…

  1. ryankorz says:

    I know you hate Kenflo but have a heart.

    I feel bad when anyone’s career is shortened by injury. I doubt he ever would have been in title contention again but he still could have had a few great fights left in him. One thing even you will admit is that it is nice to see that MMA seems to offer more post-fight career opportunities than boxing. I see the UFC making many of its retired or verteran stars into analysts, commentators, ambassadors etc and I am thankful because I would hate to see someone like Chuck Liddell left by the wayside after his career.

    Someday, Bas Rutten will commentate for them … someday.

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