Oh right, I have a blog: Back to work

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Marketing, UFC

Once again I am forced to open a blog with the old “has it been this long since I wrote?” and “this will never happen again” statements.  Yet, this post is different I’ll open it with reality. This will happen again. I will likely get caught up in work and be late to write.  You know what, that’s ok.  I own it. The 9-5 will dictate when I have time for the hobby.

With that pseudo explanation finished, let’s get down to what has gone down the last few weeks:

Nick Diaz missed a charity super fight at a grappling tournament.  Shocking. I have nothing to add as I think nothing of Diaz.

Urijah Faber is now fighting for an interim belt. The rubber match with champion Dominic Cruz is now on hold as the champion is sidelined with an injury.  In order to keep a title fight on the books, the UFC will have Faber fight for an interim championship belt.  This will lead to the eventual unification bout with Cruz as, let’s face it, he is the only challenger for Faber in this weight class.

UFC Prime Time: Dos Santos vs Mir has begun.  This is by far more interesting than the Jones-Evans videos ever were, so please tune in.

Critics assaulted UFC on Fox ratings.  People need to calm down.  Not every event is going to break records.  Especially if the card does not have a “big name” billed to the top of card.  Fight fans may know Miller and Diaz, but let’s be honest – the average Fox viewer will not.  As such, we need to expect that some cards will have fewer eyes on them than others.  Rather than “call out” after the fact, fans could be telling their friends to tune into the “smaller” cards to help build fighter profiles.  Let’s be honest, word of mouth sells almost as much as sex does in marketing.

Fedor is talking retirement.  After being irrelevant the last few years, “the Last Emperor” is now talking potentially, “last fight.”  This would be against another falling heavyweight star, Pedro Rizzo.  We’ll have to see what actually happens.

Tom Lawlor gets a win! Poor Tom Lawlor is usually only known for his funny ringside antics and not his physical talents. Well, they were on display last night knocking out the former “TUF killer” Jason MacDonald.

Korean Zombie is Set for Aldo.  With a submission win at UFC on Fuel, the Zombie is next in line for a shot at Aldo. Yes, I’m aware Aldo has another contender first but let’s all be honest…Aldo is keeping the strap for a while.

Dana White sidelined with medical issues.  Dana white missed his first UFC event in over a decade last night due to ailments from Ménière’s disease. I obviously think very highly of White, and wish him well. MMA as an industry would be at a loss if he needed to step back (even slightly) from his duties at the head of the UFC.

Stephan Bonnar looking to go 360. Keep your eyes to Facebook and Twitter. The “American Psycho” is looking to come full circle and return to The Ultimate Fighter – but as a coach.  He wants to square off against Forrest Griffin as a tribute to their first season and of course, to get the rubber match on the books. This would be a marketing dream, but in terms of the division, not sure if this fight makes sense. If both are looking to retire, it could be hell of a way to go out.

More to come as I try to be more consistent here in my posts.


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