UFC 145: The Aftermath

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

Can anyone stop Jon Jones?

This is the question that everyone keeps asking.  The answer is – yes. There is always someone that can beat someone else.  Matt Hughes ruled the welterweight world until Georges St Pierre emerged, Rich Franklin is but a memory compared to Anderson Silva’s rule, and up until Jones the light heavyweight title changed each card.  The real question is what can Jones do while on top?

The reality is that Jon Jones has the potential of being a true face for the UFC organization.  Stop comparing him to Anderson Silva and start thinking in line with St. Pierre. Young, charismatic, and can work the camera/microphone.  Assuming Jones’ ego does not grow with his legacy, he could become a marketing juggernaut.

That is about all I have to say about this one.  Partly because I’m suffering some major writer’s block of late, and partly because this was a real dud of a PPV.  It hardly lived up to the hype of this pretty awesome infographic the UFC shared with Mashable leading up to show time.

What did you think of UFC 145?

  1. Rashad was never able to draw Jones into his gameplan and couldn’t find effective range with those crazy hand locks and elbows Jones employed. I will never see the logic in his complete abandonment of forcing his wrestling onto Jones. Maybe it wouldn’t have worked but what he was doing certainly wasn’t panning out.

    I also agree that marketing wise Jones has incredible marketability. He stops crime by day wins championship bouts by night. I can’t see anyone getting the leg up on him in the near future but maybe Hendo can draw him into a Couture style grappling and dirty boxing with a power punch match. Maybe.

  2. […] for pound “greats” and, someone who won his title from “Shogun” Rua on short notice due to Rashad Evan’s knee injury.  When a similar opportunity arrived, it would seem he was not willing to return the […]

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