Tosh.0 Features MMA Web Redemption

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Local MMA, PR, UFC

I’ve been going back and forth on which of the next big PPVs to focus on and last night I got distracted even further by Tosh.0.  Why? Well, it featured an MMA web redemption. (Full video can be found here).  The focus is a woman who completely choked out a male opponent during competition.

Having seen women in wrestling (real not WWE), and countless BJJ tournaments this wasn’t a shock to me. But as the male v. female stereotypes (Ex: “Dude you got beat by a girl”) still exist, this video has been pretty viral.  The clip and humor are in line with the usual Tosh.0 segments, but a few thoughts from me:

  • There are very talented women in BJJ and MMA waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. I repeat – PLEASE will the next Gina Carano please stand up?
  • As the largest MMA organization in the world, the UFC is willing to lampoon itself for the larger consumer understanding (without hurting its overall brand).  Lending Tosh.0 both Bruce Buffer and Arianny Celeste, the cage side faces of the organization, reinforce this.
  • This is the one time I won’t get fired up by someone saying MMA is human cockfighting. Why? Because if you listen to the rant long enough you’ll get he is hitting you over the head with how many rules there are in MMA.
  • The sad realization that I’m getting old and my references will be lost on the next generation. Honestly? How does this guy not know who Daniel Larusso is? (Kudos to Daniel Tosh for keeping the Karate Kid references flowing).
  • Daniel Tosh is willing to be the Andy Kaufman of MMA.  (And unlike the “Divas” of the WWE, these real fighters will give him a beating.)

Stay tuned for my thoughts on Jake Shields move to 185 lbs, Jones vs. Evans and what could shape up to be the card of the year, UFC 146: Dos Santos v. Overeem.


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