Pictures Worth 1000 Words

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Outside of the main event title fight, there are two defining moments of UFC 143:  The illegal groin shots inflicted by Alex Caceres to opponent Edwin Figueroa and the most vicious triangle/armbar I’ve ever seen from Dustin Poirier to opponent Max Holloway.

Hate to admit I laughed…when Figueroa was hit the second time and Mike Goldberg uttered “So you want to be an ultimate fighter?” And then Joe Rogan noted that if this were a video game Figueroa’s power bar would be very low…(Let’s be clear, I did not laugh at the painful kick so much as the inappropriate commentary. Yes, I’m apparently 13.)

When did I not laugh? During the below vicious submission. I loved it from a skill standpoint and feared it as someone who likes to keep his limbs intact.  These images from and Yahoo! sports give the visuals that stood out to me after UFC 143.

What was your favorite moment from this weekend’s UFC PPV?


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