Diaz or Condit – Forget Marketing, who brings out the best in GSP? Not Diaz.

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

The interim welterweight title is on the line this weekend as the natural born killer takes on natural anti-social.  Two former champions with two targets in sight: UFC gold & a shot at Georges “Rush” St Pierre.  Although the articles you read and videos you watch may say this fight is going to be all Diaz, the numbers tell a very different story.  This fight has the potential of ending in one round, or being a brutal five round war.

Carlos Condit, Former WEC Champion*

27 – 5
13 (T)KOs wins
13 Submission wins
1 Decision win

Nick Diaz, Former STRIKEFORCE Champion*

26 – 7 – 0
13 (T)KO wins
8 Submission wins
5 Decision wins

Of course, if you read this blog you know I don’t always focus on the blow-by-blow, but the business behind the sport.  The question of which fighter is more marketable in a GSP fight is simple: Diaz.  The good guys vs bad guy story is an easy one to tell and an easier one to sell.  The problem? Diaz won’t bring out the best GSP. He can only bring out the most emotional GSP.  A Diaz-GSP fight will be a slugfest, and to some fans that is great, for me – it is the weakest type of MMA battle.

A fight with Condit would require all aspects of the game be tight.  Both fighters can strike, submit and wrestle. This is THE fight I want to watch at welterweight.  The only drama this fight would bring would be at the feet of Greg Jackson.  Condit trains solely at Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts, however GSP trains both with Jackson and at Tri-Star.  I would assume GSP would just stay at Tri-Star for this fight, but if Evans-Jones taught us anything it is to always expect the unexpected.

If anyone forgets the type of damage Condit can inflict, please take a look back at his fight with Dan Hardy.

Who do you have winning this weekend?

*Stats from Sherdog.com


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