UFC on Fox 2: The Aftermath

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

The UFC/Fox engine continues to move forward with little to stop the momentum.  This weekend the UFC Evans vs Davis card entered homes across the globe and showed a completely different card than UFC on Fox 1.

The UFC’s first endeavor on broadcast TV provided a title fight that lasted less than one round.  This week’s event provided 3 full fights, each that went the distance.  This showed fans that the sport is not always a sprint, but a grueling marathon of skill that tests the human spirit.

I’ve made it pretty clear over my last few posts regarding the Fox relationship that I don’t care for the Fox NFL music being played during the intros.  This hasn’t changed, but rather than nitpick and dwell let me call out what I really like about these broadcasts: professionalism.  This is not the CBS circus that STRIKEFORCE utilized.

The Fox robots may not be the best thing in sports, but at least it’s a universally used robot across all Fox sports properties. Seeing the MMA version of robots may have been cheesey, but so are the football and baseball robots.  The key here is that the sport is being treated like any other national past time. This is HUGE when you think about the perception of the sport even a year ago.

The pre and post fight panel was very well done and answered my earlier prayers with the inclusion of Randy Couture.  “The Natural” is a great analyst who can speak from experience and break down fights in a nice, concise manner.  The inclusion of Jon Jones however, was not as entertaining or insightful.  Jones was clearly on for the hype of a potential match with Evans, but rather than discuss the fight game as a professional I felt Jones came across as the cool kid trying to prove to everyone how cool he actually is.  Recess is over, get back to class Mr Jones.

What did UFC on Fox 2 Deliver?

Drama.  Anyone who complained about the lack of “finishes” did not see the big picture coming down the road.  From a fan and marketing perspective, this card handed the UFC two of the most marketable title fights we’ve seen in a while.  Two grudge matches that can be hyped via a number of UFC properties (Countdowns, Primetimes, etc).   Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen II and the friend-truned-enemy feud of Rashad Evans and Jon Jones will keep the UFC marketing and promotion team very, very busy for the next few months.  Get ready to board the hype train, everyone will get a first class seat.

  1. McClain says:

    UFC and FOX need to ask themselves if the casual viewers tune in for the quick finishes, flashes of violence, and attention-span acquiescence, or for the drama. If they tune in for both, it’s likely they’re not a casual fan.

    UFC on FOX 1 gave a quick title fight.
    UFC on FOX 2 gave contention battles.
    UFC on FOX 3 needs to give all the things we didn’t get in the first two.

    There’s no ROI w/out PPV buys and neither UFC on FOX 1 or 2 were strong cases for customer conversion.

    Diaz v. Miller for UFC on FOX 3 will be a nice gift but I still think they need another fight (HW) that’s going to bring the action. Carwin would be a great addition: coming off two losses, returning from injury and attempting to get back on the title path. Easy to market, nice reel, articulate (enough) and a nice complement to the other currently-listed fights. And since it’s unlikely they’ll show us Velasquez again, I suggest Bigfoot.

    Thanks for the articles!

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