UFC on FX 1: The Aftermath

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

This past weekend the Fox/UFC juggernaut began its journey with mixed results. The fights were excellent – as always – so that will not be disputed here. Jorge Rivera said good bye to the MMA world on a high note, Pat Barry proved why the UFC has stood by him with a TKO of Christian Morecraft, Josh Neer showcased why the dentist is so feared on the ground, and Jim Miller finally got the top level victory he has longed for.

For the first event on FX and the first “official” Fox property event, the MMA fighters lived up to its end of the business relationship.  On the Fox side of things, there is still some uncertainty on how this will play out in the long term.

Below are some initial thoughts on what I really liked, and what I think could best be served on the editing room floor.

Keep it up…

  • Professional showmanship.  Fox has given MMA the same treatment it does its other sports properties with pre-during-post fight programming and analysis. For the general masses to take this seriously, this is the route Fox needs to go.
  • UFC Primetime. Directly following fights with these types of promos will not only build hype for the next fight card but convert casual fans to be more educated on the overall training of the sport and increase the fan bases of the athletes involved.
  • UFC placements during other sports programming.  I can’t lie. I love seeing UFC ads during NFL games…even if I do have to hear it come from the lips of Joe Buck.

Let it Go…

  • Jon Anik & Kenny Florian. This duo is no Goldberg and Rogan. Anik came across rushed, nervous and at times lost. I agree with the reviews that noted it sounded like he was still reading highlights instead of live fights. I’m no fan of Florian as a fighter and even less a fan of his commentary. However, during this broadcast he seemed less lively. perhaps his potential retirement was weighing on him. It’s too early for a full boot of the duo, but my dream team of broadcasters for future Fox events would be Bas Rutten, Randy Couture, and Frank Mir.  You’d have some colorful personalities that know the sport in-and-out, and could easily provide the 101 style of discussion this new Fox sports audience will need.
  • Back and forth programming. Don’t be confused by my earlier kudos. I may love the treatment of multiple programs but wish they were all on one channel. Flipping between FX and FUEL TV provides opportunity to lose an audience already in place.
  • NFL Music again. Honestly. Stop.

Again, this was only the first installment and I’m excited to see what follows. What did you think of the first FX fight night?


  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Coldn’t agree with you more on most of the points. Especially getting Bas Ruten in as a commentator would elevate the show quite a bit.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Bas would certainly provide the combination fans need of entertainment and analysis. The obviously knows the sport in and out from experience, but who else could close out a broadcast with “Godspeed and party on?”

  2. McClain says:

    No love for The Voice?

    Rogan and Goldberg (in spite of the perceived flaws) are a great duo; Rogan is familiar and Goldy is affable and they both have The Broadcast Voice.

    So does Anik… he just needs some play-by-play polish. Dude’s a pro. He’ll improve with time.

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