Chael Sonnen has a Date for Prom

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, in the “I’m not surprised at all” category, we had a steroid failure in MMA this past weekend. You’re probably thinking “finally they bagged Overeem!” but you’d be wrong.  The reigning female fatale known as Christiane “Cyborg” Santos failed a recent test and has been stripped of her Strikeforce 145lb title.

Although there are a number of reasons I could list as to why this doesn’t surprise me I’ll keep this post respectful. If anyone may feel vindicated by this news and feel it is time to shake the cage cobwebs off it is Gina Carano.  A return now would be a marketing bomb with Haywire hitting theaters soon

The reality is this is a big step back for women’s MMA. There are very few personalities and dominant figures right now to hold onto fans’ attention and we all know that Dana White is not itching to keep the division alive within Zuffa.  If Carano does not respond, someone needs to step up and give women’s MMA a face and a voice.  Who do you think can be this person? Who can be the women’s Rich Franklin?

  1. No one in MMA is shocked by this news at all. In reality, the women’s 145 lbs. division was weaker in terms of depth than the UFC Heavyweight division when Sylvia was champ. Her stripped title should not be fought for by anyone. Just keep the 135 lbs division and stop trying to find fights for Cyborg. No one will want to see her fight in the future. Her positive test is much more career damaging than Sonnen’s was. I don’t think her career will recover.

  2. Agree on all fronts Ryan.

    Also, this week issued a great piece on Gina Carano – I’d wager we won’t see her back in the cage again. Hollywood’s gain will be MMA’s loss.

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