As the MMA World Turns…

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

What a couple of weeks.  The twists and turns would have me asking “is this real life?” or is this some bad sitcom…  Unfortunately, this has been real life.  Every positive movement from the UFC has been met with an almost destructive step by the same organization (or its fighters).

UFC 140 was everything the UFC had hoped for.  A night of KO’s submissions and fights that will be remember forever.  One of my favorite heavyweights Frank Mir silenced the critics with a second straight victory over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Mir was the first to KO “Big Nog” and now is the first man to submit Nog. Mir also broke the arm of his opponent, some fans eerily remembered the break Mir gave Tim Sylvia in their battle years ago.

This is when the good/bad Yo-Yo begins to drop.

The Good: Following the Mir/Nog battle, Jon “Bones” Jones silenced his critics with a victory over Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida.  Perhaps the only man that equals Jones in mystifying opponents. Jones made quick work of the former light heavyweight champion and choked him out.

The Bad: Jones is corner is caught on film having to remind him cage etiquette in order to “get fans.” A guy this talented should not be this tough to like as an athlete.

The Good: The UFC began to truly pump out its 2012 TV schedule with new programs added to FUEL TV, UFC on Fox events and an international TUF season for Brazil coached by two of its favorite sons: Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva. And yes, folks – they will have a rematch of their now classic battle from UFC Brazil.

The Bad: The UFC had to release former WEC champion Miguel Torres for an inappropriate rape joke on Twitter.  This came to a surprise from fans based on Dana White’s typically foul language and previous inappropriate comments from former TUF winners Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans.  The closest thing to an understanding of the matter came from UFC veteran Stephan Bonnar, who noted “It’s one of those things where Forrest said something and everyone got mad. And it’s like a little slap on the wrist for Forrest. Then Rashad said something, everyone got mad. Then it was like ‘dammit you guys I warned you once.’ Then Miguel said something, okay ‘we need to make an example somebody.'”

Example or not, this sport is filled with educated athletes who should know the difference between jokes you make and those you don’t…As a PR guy, I’m happy to not have to deal with this AT ALL.

More Bad: George St. Pierre had to pull out of his upcoming main event with Nick Diaz for the welterweight title.  GSP tore his ACL and is now out of action until he heels up post-surgery.

The Good: UFC will have a title shot for Carlos Condit as he replaces GSP in an interim battle with Diaz.

The Bad:  Weeks away from the return of Brock Lesnar and the UFC debut of Alistair Oveerm – “the Reem” is once again the center of a steroid rumor.  He is being forced to make a number of drug tests in order to be licensed for this main event.  If ‘Reem fails this, it will be bad for the UFC but far worse for the former Strikeforce champion…

The Good: The UFC is staying true to its world and keeping Strikeforce alive and separate from the UFC.  A new Showtime deal has been announced and the women’s MMA division will continue to be a part of that affiliation. (Unfortunately, still no word on the return of Gina Carano).

The Bad: Just a blink after releasing Torres, Dana White makes a similar crack on Twitter…

Come on guys, give my nerves a break for a few days.

This post turned into a novel.  If all this news keeps up and I may have to go back to blogging daily….

  1. I am still awed by Nog’s choice to give up a superior position and almost guaranteed KO to go for a guillotine there. However, I’m equally impressed by Mir’s ability to instinctually fall back into BJJ mode and go for a great counter attack. His sub is without a doubt the nastiest one I’ve ever seen in MMA. It’s worse than Hughes’ arm attack on Gracie because Hughes knew Gracie wouldn’t tap so he transitioned to pound him out. Here, Mir knew the same but with his size, explosiveness and elite BJJ skill – he just ripped that arm in two. I haven’t seen a more devastating finish since Chong Li did a number on Ogre in Bloodsport.

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