The Ultimate Mo-ing Championship

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC, Uncategorized

Picture from UFC Facebook page

Last year I wrote a post about which fighters I thought could make a major impact in the month-long charity known as Movember.  This year I’m happy to report the UFC took the charitable call to arms to heart and threw some championship level Mos into the Octagon. (Please note I can take zero credit in this, but damn it sounds good – doesn’t it?)

UFC official Herb Dean recently officiated a battle of the mustaches on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Tito Ortiz was sportin’ some facial fuzz at the recent MMA awards.  Although I appreciate seeing a fighting Mario Bros mustache, Fallon still has nothing on Dr. MO-mentum.  Anywho, I’m getting off topic…

Although none of my recommended participants picked up a ‘stache – this year’s crew were no slouches.  Heavyweight favorite and TUF winner Roy “Big Country” Nelson and Lightweight champ Frankie “The Truth” Edgar joined the Movember masses this year.  Given the fan base of both and the UFC’s love of social media, I had hoped to see a huge push for these fighters efforts.  Sadly though – I have not seen a final mo from either fighter and it would appear my own work team crushed the fund-raising capabilities of both fighters.

Oh well – it is a start.  My favorite sport and my favorite charity.  Let’s see what we can all do together next year.  What fighter would you like to see sportin’ a ‘stache in 2012?

  1. Although not a facial hair story – I really like what Faber has done for his sister. After being in a bad car wreck and having her head shaved for surgery, Faber shaved his as well to support her and ensure she wouldn’t be the only one for the holidays sans hair. Here’s the link

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