Teenage Weight Land…only Teenage Weight land….*

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Can you remember when you weighed 135 or 145 lbs?  Were you in high school? Younger?  I think I may have been 5 at the time…

The bantam & featherweight divisions have made their intentions of standing out known to the UFC and its fans  since their debut with the close of the WEC. It is this drive and determination that has caught my attention with the current season of the UFC’s “Ultimate Fighter.”  I fully admit I tuned in at first because I’m a fan of Jason “Mayhem” Miller, but have watched each week instead because of the speed, power and finesse of the lighter weight fighters that are featured each week.

This past weekend at UFC on VERSUS 6, bantamweight champion Dominic Cruz continued to show the skill set of the division with an exciting 5 round war with Demetrious Johnson.  What I hope to see with these new weight classes are new fighters that be the face of the division the way Matt Hughes and GSP have done with the welterweight division and Anderson Silva with the middleweight division.  What I don’t want to see are the weight jumpers who simply move around in an attempt to create what they think is an “easy” win because of their natural weight/size.

Taking my personal dislike for Kenny Florian as a fighter out of this post, the reason I have no interest in his fight against featherweight champion Jose Aldo is this type of weight jump.  This will be the fourth weight class and third title attempt for Florian since he debuted on season 1 of The Ultimate Fighter.  I hope that Aldo sends Florian back to ’55 the way BJ Penn sent Diego Sanchez back to 170.

Which weight class has caught your eye since the debut in the Octagon – 135 or 145?

*For anyone lacking a sense of humor please note my favorite song of all time is The Who’s Baba O’Riley.  So yes, I’m aware that my title isn’t the actual line in the song….


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