Is Anderson Silva the New Bruce Lee?

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Wait and ponder the question before you react.  There will never be another Bruce Lee.  The man is a legend.  How he fought, lived and promoted a sport he loved will never be topped. He died young and his legend grew even further.  To say there is another Bruce Lee would be heresy to many.  (I for one, am certainly one of those people that get heated when I hear that title given to someone.)

So, now – think about this question again and begin to think about whether Anderson Silva will be that legend for the sport MMA.  Although he is not the philosopher that Bruce is, his skill and path of destruction in the cage is undeniable.  He has now set every record for champions from defense to win streaks.  Unlike the “reign” of Fedor, there is no question of the caliber of his opponents or  how he defends his title.  He has taken on all comers and left them defeated in the ring.

The raw numbers*:

31 – 4
18 (T)KOs
6 Submissions
7 Decisions
Notable Wins: Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin, Nate Marquardt, Carlos Newton (among others)

If he loses his title, there is no shame or stigma to follow him.  He has set the bar and any champion after him will have to live up to that standard. However, if he one day decides to hang up his gloves as Champion, there will be no denying this MMA legend status. Silva has been labeled the “pound-for-pound” king for years and few dispute that.  How long before we start to hear that someone is “The next Anderson Silva” and then hear those same cries of heresy that are associated with the Bruce Lee loyalists?

I’m reminded of the film The Sandlot.  “Heroes get remembered but legends never die…”

*Stats from Sherdog

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