UFC 132 Runner Up: Team Edge

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

Last week I posted about how Bud Light Lime took home the Marketing gold at this month’s UFC PPV event. This week I thought I’d take a look at the other consumer product that blasted its way onto our screens during the Cruz/Faber card. Edge shaving gel had a few “Vote for Team Edge” comments in the program, but never truly explained what the contest was or the tie to the UFC.

With a little digging I found out the scoop.  Here is the breakdown for anyone interested to learn more:

The Contest:

Today, the makers of Edge® Shave Gel and the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) announced a partnership to identify fighters on the “Edge of Greatness” and deliver an opportunity for them to be an official spokesman for Edge Shave Gel. Under the leadership of former two-division UFC champion BJ Penn, four rising UFC stars will compete for the public’s endorsement to become the next face of “Team Edge.” 

This collection of the UFC’s most exciting up-and-coming stars will be mentored by Penn as they continue their journeys in the UFC’s hallowed Octagon®.

The Contestants:

  • Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis
  • Chad “Money” Mendes
  • Michael “Mayday” McDonald
  • Brian “All American” Stann

The process:

To help Edge decide who should be the next face of “Team Edge,” UFC fans can vote at http://www.edgeshave.com/UFC. The fighter with the most votes will be sponsored by Edge, helping propel him one step closer to the “Edge of Greatness.” Fans can vote up to five times a day, and each time they can be entered to win a weekly prize pack or a trip to an upcoming Las Vegas event to meet Team Edge and see a live UFC showdown. Weekly prizes include Team Edge memorabilia, UFC merchandise and more.

The “Edge of Greatness” campaign will continue throughout Summer 2011 with a social media activation that invites followers of EdgeShaveZone to tweet with the hashtag #EdgeofGreatness for a chance to have their personal greatness fulfilled. Rewards range from gym memberships for aspiring triathletes to the recent reward of four tickets to the UFC 132 fight in Las Vegas on July 2, given to two UFC fans on the “Edge of Greatness” who needed a seat at the fight. Edge also provides inspiration for greatness through a dedicated Tumblr page, edgeshave.tumblr.com. 

The Sweepstakes are officially underway and ends on September 29th at 11:59:59AM ET.

Fans can vote up to five times a day, and each time they can be entered to win a weekly prize pack or a trip to an upcoming Las Vegas event to meet Team Edge and see a live UFC showdown.

For more info check out: www.edgeshave.com/UFC

My Take:
What I like about this contest is the simple fact that it is a major brand name taking not only an interest in MMA, but up and coming fighters.  These aren’t household names they are looking to sponsor.  You don’t see Tito Ortiz, Brock Lesnar, GSP, etc.  These are young guys working their way up and in need of this type of brand sponsor.  This contest will not only help the gel brand with fans, but will also help the fighter get more recognition with the same MMA audience.

I love this concept. I just wish it was explained more clearly during UFC 132…


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