GSP v. Diaz Official for UFC137…but, is it really a “super fight”?

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

Photo via Bleacher Report

This week marked the week many saw coming after Diaz vs. Daley.  They announced that GSP’s next title defense will be against Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz.  The question is, is this a “super fight?” In my opinion. The answer is no.

A lot of fans seem torn here.  Some fans are crying “Yes” others are crying “huh?”  This was supposedly the “super fight” the fans were demanding.  Were they? Or did a few loud voices make it to the right ears to make it happen?

UFC welterweight champion GSP, now 22-2 in his MMA career, has decimated to elite of the sport including Jake Shields, Dan Hardy, BJ Penn, Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves, and more.  Diaz,now 25-7 in his MMA career is the reigning Strikeforce champion.  However, who has Nick Diaz defeated during this same time period? Paul Daley, KJ Noons, Scott Smith, an aging Frank Shamrock… Would any of those opponents stack up as equals to GSPs competition? No.

To me, a “super fight” would be GSP vs. Anderson Silva.  Now, to be clear – I don’t want that fight either.  It doesn’t make sense for their careers or the respective legacies.  But would make it a “super fight” is the fact that they have both dominated – not just won – dominated the elite fighters put in their paths.

The only appeal this fight holds for me is that it is a current champion vs. current champion.  When PRIDE was first acquired the unification bouts with Dan Henderson were some of the most entertaining at that time.  I hope to see the same level of competition, but feel this fight will only showcase just how more advanced GSP is as a fighter.

Now maybe I’m being overly harsh because I’ve never been a fan of Diaz’s antics.  What do you think – is this a “Super fight” and who do you see walking away with the W?

  1. Ryan says:

    I have GSP winning via (shocker) decision. However, I am excited for this fight and I think GSP will get fired up by the inevitable smack talk that will stem from the Diaz camp. I know that Shields was respectful but Diaz is not Shields. Although he has never outright disrespected GSP, he has consistently said that he has the skill set to beat him and I can see the cyclone of words revving up in the months ahead. Do you think Diaz will try to outbox him or will he actually show complete MMA skills and take the fight up and down unlike the Shields disaster?

  2. I would love to see a ground game. LOVE IT. But it is not going to happen. Diaz has fallen in love with his boxing. I mean, the guy wanted to give up MMA for boxing. GSP has that all too familiar jab he has been utilizing, so I think this will be a stand up battle. I think you’re right on the decision but I don’t see Diaz pulling away as clean as Shields – I think this will be a KOS type of ending.

  3. […] like their attitudes, behavior or self entitlement in the ring.  By now, you probably know the “super fight” with GSP has been cancelled.  After no-showing two separate media events to promote the fight Dana […]

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