UFC 130 Preview: Jackson vs. Hamill

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Well, I feel as though I jinxed UFC 130 a while back when I said the marketing promotion actually made me want to see I. The result? Injury sidelined the entire main event. My bad.

The co-main event Quentin “Rampage” Jackson and Matt “The Hammer” Hamill stepped in to fill the void.  This is a great match and great for the UFC PR squad no matter who wins. Rampage is a marketing machine and someone fans WANT to see more often.  Lining him up to face Jon Jones would certainly catch some attention.  In terms of Matt Hamill, how do you not like this guy? Polite, hard working and has overcome adversity to be one of the top contenders in one of the UFC’s most stacked divisions.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the match I’m geared up for.  I’m all about Frank Mir and Roy Nelson.  You may remember I posted a while ago about a grappling match between the two. (Seen here).

Why do I care about this fight? After years of sleepers, Randy Couture ignited the UFC heavyweight division with his destruction of Tim Sylvia and it never slowed down. From Brock Lesnar to Cain Velasquez, the title holders have proven that big men can be as quick and technical as they are brutally strong.  Case in point, Mir and Nelson both have KO power in their hands and world class jujitsu skills.  The only place they differ is in their physical appearance.  For those that haven’t watched Nelson fight, don’t let the belly fool you.

By the numbers*:

Frank Mir
14 – 5
3 (T)KOs
8 Submission
2 Decisions

Roy Nelson
15 – 5
8 (T)Kos
5 Submissions
2 Decisions

My Take:
Frank Mir by decision.  I think Mir will dictate the fight, peppering Nelson with shots and trying for submissions where he can. Based on Nelson’s defense skills and iron jaw, I see him taking a beating…but surviving all 3 rounds.

What fight are you most excited about for this PPV?

*Stats via Sherdog.com

  1. I would really like to see Frank Mir win this fight. I think you pointed out his best gameplan and I agree that he should be able to dictate the pace and place of this fight. Do you think the winner is actually a legitimate threat to Jon Jones?

  2. Looks like my take on Frank’s plan came to fruition. In terms of Rampage being a legit threat to Jones, I’m 50/50. I still believe Rampage can KO anyone with a touch, but he does not have the same speed and skill set being brought to the cage as Jones. Now Machida on the other hand could be a viable threat….

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