MMA at the Movies: Hamill (Coming Soon)

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

The movie has been in whispers for longer than I can remember, but the true life story of Matt “The Hammer” Hamill will be coming to movie screens soon.  The film will be screened next in Maui and will be hitting select cities in the fall 2011 timeframe.  Based on the site’s banner it appears to be cleaning up in every city festival it visits.  As such, it may be the first MMA movie to blow my theory that there are no good MMA films. (Of course, if the movie does not go beyond his wrestling career, I still win this argument.)

The premise from

Matt Hamill’s story of triumphing in collegiate wrestling and then MMA despite being deaf has inspired fans worldwide and, now, a film adaptation of his life. The Ultimate Fighter season 3 alum’s amazing journey is chronicled in this coming of age drama and Hamill is played masterfully by young actor Russell Harvard.

Co-starring in the film, which hits theaters this fall after racking up an armful of festival awards: Hamill’s friend and former opponent, Rich “Ace” Franklin.

For more information on the film, please visit: Hamill the Movie

If you are like me and are interested in MMA movies with some reality, not basement fight scenes, check out the list  of documentaries pulled by the UFC.

Based on the below trailer, will you be checking out Hamill?


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