UFC 129: The Aftermath

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

Forgive the delay, but given the news of the day yesterday I didn’t think a blog post on MMA would catch anyone’s eye.  UFC 129 was everything the UFC could have wanted for its first stadium event. 55K in attendance, fans willing to trudge over each other for a seat (see above video log), and almost fight came to a finish.  From the Fan expo to the closing bell of the main event, the UFC gave fans an experience they won’t forget.  (And for one fan, the moment of a lifetime.)

Before I get too far into the analysis, let’s thanks the folks that kept the lights on in Toronto.  Sponsoring this event was: Affliction,  Xyience, BSN, Boost Mobile, Bud Light, Harley Davidson, TapouT,  Toyo Tires and the movies Priest and Transformers 3. (I once again forgot my notebook, so let me know if I missed a brand.)

The key points I walked away from with UFC 129 were the following:

  • Rory MacDonald is the real deal.  He came in as an underdog to fan favorite Nate Diaz and literally tossed Diaz around the cage.  He put on a dominant performance and one that I hope helps propel this young fighter to more main card fights.  At 20, he has a long interesting career ahead of him.
  • Jose Aldo is indeed human.   Aldo has been destroying competition up until his first UFC defense.  However, in this fight he proved he was indeed a human fighter and not some relentless killing machine.  Often during the fight he looked tired and breathing heavy which allowed Mark Hominick to pepper his face with strikes.  Of course in the end, Hominick looked like something out of Total Recall – but he had made his Rocky Balboa-esqe point going the distance with the champion.
  • Steven Seagal will take credit for anything.  The minute “The Dragon” ended the career of Randy “The Natural” Couture with what appeared to be the Miyagi-Do Karate trademarked Crane Kick Seagal was already telling Dana White “That’s two.”  At this stage I’m baffled.  Is Seagal the new Greg Jackson, or just a guy that likes to take credit?
  • Jake Shields needs better game plans.   GSP is an incredible athlete.  So much so that he was still able to outpoint Jake Shields despite being blind in one eye. (St Pierre sustained an injury in the second causing temporary blindness, all medical reports indicate he will be fine.)  Shields is one of the world’s best MMA grapplers and yet did not make a strong move for a submission or take down.  At one point he asked when to pull guard and thought there was a hidden submission in the works. Nope. He stood and traded with Shields in what is known as the Jorge Gurgel method. I hope that Shields can rethink this approach in order to get another shot at St. Pierre.  As far as I’m concerned, GSP has still yet to face Jake Shields.

This will not be the end of my 129 ramblings as I have some other thoughts that warrant their own posts.  Tell me what you thought of this PPV – worth the hype?

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  1. Ryan says:

    I felt that it was a great card overall but like everyone else has surmised – the main event was lackluster at best. An unfortunate combination of GSP’s eye situation and bad gameplanning by Shields. I never saw any adjustments made by Shields who is a dynamic fighter that seemed (up to then) to always manage to get the fight into his frontier. It just never materialized for him and I was very sad to see the fight drag out as it did.

    The other fights were outstanding and I was pumped 1.) for an early start and 2.) for a strong set of fights leading to the main event.

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