Prankster’s Paradise

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce, UFC

One of the big benefits of social media is the ability to showcase not only your organization’s product/service but also its culture.  The benefit to doing this is to show the “human” side to your business, showcase who your customers are doing business with as well as act as a recruiting tool for potential new employees.

After watching the above video, I’m sure many people were racing to send resumes to Zuffa, LLC.  In the most current edition of the Dana White video Blog we get an inside look into the mischievous  side of the UFC.  Most of these videos showcase the hard work that goes into each PPV  card and the thoughts of White and others on the outcomes of fights.

This installment does a great job of showcasing the many faces of the UFC office and the lengths in which they will go for a good prank.  I considered myself a bit of an office prankster, but after watching this – I must take a step back and recognize a true king.

Another benefit of this video is realizing that although they are deeply embedded in the business of MMA, White and the Fertittas are still HUGE fans of the sport.  Watch White’s reaction to the Strikeforce event as he is able to watch the event instead of his usual need to work it.

Good stuff all around.


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