UFC Continues to grow Online

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

With the UFC taking almost complete control of the MMA world there is a definite need for more fighters in order to meet the demand of monthly (and sometimes more) events.  As such, the UFC has opened up an online invitation for fighters looking to get in front of Joe Silva and the big stage of the Octagon.

This is another example of the UFC’s strength in online marketing and recruitment.  Although this will certainly get them a heavy increase in potential candidates, let’s hope it doesn’t lead to a decrease in quality.

Full details can be found in the below press release.  If you think you have what it takes to be a “f*cking fighter” – now is the time to apply.


Las Vegas, NV—Jobbi.com, an innovative start-up job site, announced today that it joined forces with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), in a combined effort to make it easy for people interested in applying to be a fighter with UFC.

With thousands of fighters applying annually to the UFC for the opportunity to fight in the Octagon, applicants can now post their profiles, videos, photos and their fight history on Jobbi.com. A simple application is then automatically shared directly with UFC management for their review.

“Together with the UFC, we’ve created a streamlined process that makes it simple for new fighters and UFC management to connect with each other. There is also a social component that makes it easy for general public to get involved. People can talk with fighters, watch videos of applicants, and show their support for their favorite fighters,” said Lawrence Vaughan, co-founder of jobbi.com.

The most popular applicants determined by public support will be featured 24/7 on UFC.com and Jobbi.com. Based on public feedback and UFC management’s evaluation, the next new fighters for UFC will be selected on a recurring basis.

“It is an exciting, ongoing process to determine who will ultimately get their dream job fighting for the UFC,” said Vaughan.

Fighters will be announced as they are hired.

Follow along or apply at:

http://ufc.com/BecomeAFighter or http://Jobbi.com/ufc


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