The House that Chuck Built: UFC 129

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Many wondered what Chuck “The Executive” Liddell would be like around the office.  Well, the fine folks at Zuffa provided the world an inside look at how Chuck built UFC 129.


  1. LOL – that was awesome! I love the ending when he knocks the phone into the trash to avoid listening to the Huntington Beach Badboy. How much do I wish I could use a horn like that during a professional development meeting? A lot.

  2. Trust me. If we could all answer the phone like the Iceman we’d have a different world in front of us. Of course, as a PR guy – I’d prefer folks not hang up on me. “No one likes you Tito…”

  3. […] For more Liddell commercial love don’t forget this little gem he did for the UFC last year. The House that Chuck Built: UFC 129 Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  4. […] I’m beginning to get a feeling of déjà vu. Another dominant force once ruled the UFC, a man now ruling a corner office – Chuck Liddell.  At the end of his career Chuck was on the cover of ESPN the magazine, guest […]

  5. […] like Dana White, I’m disgusted by this entire exchange.  Former champions like Hughes, Franklin, Liddell, Couture etc – “the old guard” – would always rise to the challenge and help the UFC. Even […]

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