Ring Girl and Beyond

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, UFC

Fighters aren’t the only MMA personnel with personal brands that can be elevated through the growing popularity of the sport. I’ve written here at the blog before about the ring girls of MMA turning “eye candy” into stardom.  What started as a simple way of attracting the crowds in between rounds, has turned some potential models into well-known entertainment personalities.

Rachelle Leah has gone from the UFC’s first notable ring girl to TV host, Web  personality, playboy model and is even featured in the upcoming UFC Trainer game.

Now, what of the next generation of ring girls?  The UFC has propelled Arianny Celeste to follow Rachelle’s path with various UFC PR gigs including being the host of The Ultimate Insider.  Well, it turns out that Arianny wants to do more than model…she wants to sing.  Below is her first single “Fight to Love me.”  Not exactly my taste in music, but we’ll see if the fans turn her into a multi-industry star.  Who knows, stranger things have happened people…

Former UFC ring girl Edith Labelle has also been making the rounds of YouTube with her new gig at MMA sponsor and supplement company, BSN.  This appears to be more of a straight modeling gig, but I’ll stay tuned to see if she will try anything further.

Below are the vids…give them a watch and the answer the following:

  1. Mike says:

    My advice to any model/quasi-celeb looking to hit it big: leak a sex tape – then start sharing lewd twitpics daily – soon you’ll be a star of some sort…

  2. Nice – you stay classy San Diego.

  3. […] written before about the ring girls ability to market themselves and that engine can be sticking with being a “sex symbol” or […]

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