UFC Encyclopedia Coming Soon

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

Not to be outdone by the MMA Encyclopedia, the UFC will be releasing its own take on MMA history.

From UFC.com:

DK Publishing announced today that the company will publish the officially licensed encyclopedia to the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, one of the fastest growing sports organizations in history. The UFC Encyclopedia will capture all facets of the UFC, detailing the history of the organization from its beginnings in 1993, and providing comprehensive coverage of over 300 fighters, champions, Hall of Fame, and over 170 event results.

The book, which is scheduled for publication in October 2011, will give fans unparalleled insights into the UFC universe in 400 full-color pages. It will include unprecedented access to the most dynamic fighters in the world, through profile and action photos, detailed biographies, win/loss records, vital stats, and titles held in the organization.

The book will be available in October of 2011.   Given recent activity with Strikeforce, it will be interesting to see what events and what fighters will make it into this book.


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