Back in the Saddle: An MMA Catch up Session

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce, UFC

Well, I’m back in the saddle.  After some travel, catching up with old friends and the passing of another Boston Marathon I’m ready resume writing.  (Don’t worry, I didn’t run the marathon…I get tired just watching it on TV).

What happened while I was out?

  • The first episode of PrimeTime featuring GSP and Jake Shields aired. (Embedded above.)  This series is one of my favorite in MMA.  Since GSP has starred in almost every one of these segments, he is no stranger to the camera.  For UFC fans, this will be a great chance to get to know Jake Shields.  Although many MMA fans are familiar with his work this will serve as a great intro for some UFC “purists” who did not stray to watch other promotions.  For me, this series is a PR gem.  Two class acts, training hard and praising the strengths of their  opponents.  It is tough to pick someone to root for.
  • Nick Diaz continues to run his mouth.  According to MMA Torch, Diaz went off on the state of MMA, and his manager Cesar Gracie revealed that Diaz’s next fight is likely to come as a boxing match.“[Strikeforce] doesn’t have anybody else for me to fight right now, I’m better than all these guys they have,” Diaz said. “The guys they have ranked above me, I’m sure they don’t want to fight me. I don’t see much of a future in this sport for me. I honestly don’t, especially if there’s not a whole s*** load of money going on.” “I’m signed into a contract I don’t know anything about. I don’t know anything about that s***, I have a manager. All I know is my life is a living hell full of training, grueling exercise, train every day, cater to everybody else and not worry about myself sort of thing.”  I’m giving up on this one….  
  • Jon Jones goes all “hero” again.   This time he did not tackle a thief, but according to Yahoo! Sports he did help a stranded woman and child by providing a hotel room while they were stranded in Florida.  This man is proving more and more that he may in fact be a member of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman.
  • Rashad Evans continues to dig his PR Grave. An interview Jones did with ESPN’s Josh Gross drew the Twitter fire of Rashad Evans who once again went after the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. Jones commented on their time training together in the interview and noted that he could have “finished” Rashad had he not respected his seniority in the gym.  Rashad, timely as he is decided to fire back with the following: “[Jones] will [be] mma’s version of Milli Vinilli… Wait until the curtain comes down [cause] it will!” “[I’m] telling [you] that record is about [to] start skipping! ‘Girl [you] know, girl [you] know, know,… It’s true, true true”  Now that is some smack talk….
  • Forrest Griffin vs. Shogun Rua II announced.  The two will  meet at UFC Rio.  This is two former champions that need a big win.  This will certainly be a fight worth watching and due to the fact that it will be in Rio will be the first time Griffin will be greeted by “Booos” instead of cheers.

As a side note, congrats to all those that competed in the 2011 IBJJF NY Open International this past weekend. I know a number of MA schools had participants.  Special shout out to BestWay BJJ’s Ryan Korzeniowski who took 3rd place at the event!

Did I miss anything else in the MMA world this weekend?


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