The Red Sox aren’t the only ones losing in April…

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce, UFC

…the fans of MMA are too.  With people spouting off like children having a tantrum in the media our stars are looking less and less like professional athletes and more like babies.  (Ok, with the lockout maybe they look like NFL players…)  Since the acquisition of Strikeforce fans have been psyched at the potential of their dream “super fights” between organizations, but some of those fighters have been less than thrilled. Talk about dream buzz killers.

We recently looked at the poor choice in comments Paul Daley has been making in an attempt to stir up Zuffa, LLC but he isn’t the only member of this weekend’s main event doing this.  In a recent interview with Aol’s Ariel Helwani Nick went out of his way to complain about being overworked, underpaid and ‘made’ to speak with Helwani.  Nick also made sure to tell Helwani he didn’t want to talk to him because he was an instigator. Yes, the irony of this made me laugh pretty hard.

Just play the game, Nick. Please. This is something that fans and UFC President Dana White have asked for years, but as we’re seeing even today Nick Diaz doesn’t want to play. “…I’m a big Nate Diaz fan. I like him a lot – him and his brother,” White said. “The problem with Nick Diaz is Nick won’t play the game even [a little]. You can’t [flip off] the athletic commission. You can’t tell people – you have to play the game a little bit. When Nick Diaz wants to play just a little bit – and nobody’s telling him not to be who he is and not to act the way he wants, but you’ve got to play a little – when he does, we’d love to have him back in the UFC.” (From FightLine)

In a recent interview with MMA Weekly, Diaz noted:

“(About UFC buying Strikeforce) Honestly, I don’t understand this whole thing. I’m way too busy training. It’s hard for me to understand what’s going on. But I knew there was a reason why I never strapped that belt around my waist. Whatever, champion, whatever. (Paul Daley) can have the belt. I’m fighting for money.”

“I don’t feel like a champion right now that the UFC bought this organization. I don’t understand all that. I thought we were competing with the UFC. I thought my belt was potentially just as important as the UFC belt and we had the best fighters here (in Strikeforce); more technical martial artists and stand-up fighters.”

“But now this is all about going to the UFC so I don’t care about the Strikeforce belt. There was a reason why I never put that shit on anyways.”

C’mon Nick.  As a fan of MMA, I really want to like you. But this is the main reason why I never back the Diaz brothers in their fights.  For someone who speaks highly of being a martial artist and someone who lives by its honor code we never see it in the public.  We get someone who wants to prove how bad he is.  Nick, we know you’re a bad dude. You’re 24-7 in arguably the hardest sport across the globe.

At the base of this issue, if all you want to do is make money – where do you think it is? Zuffa.  Do you think making these comments and irking the UFC brass will get you anywhere? No.  I honestly thought the Strikeforce acquisition would mean the return of Nick Diaz.  My thoughts on his attitude aside, I do think he is an incredible fighter and would love to see him return to the big stage and be tested against the world elite vs the Strikeforce second tier.  At this stage I’d be shocked to see either member of this main event ever step into The UFC Octagon again…

  1. It is definetly a predicament for the UFC.

    With Diaz you get a dynamic fighter who has great striking and ground skills plus he manages to put on exciting fights. He would undoubtedly be a great draw for the big fights that could be set up in the 170 division.

    However, the PR nightmare is very tough to deal with. Not everyone comes across as polished as GSP. Nor can everyone fight crime like Jon Jones and deliver great interviews on late night TV. However, a guy who promotes recreational drug use and waves his digits like it’s 1997 Stone Cold Steve Austin time … I just don’t know. If he wants to stop driving a Honda he needs to stop driving Zuffa away. What do you think Zuffa should do? I don’t see a sit down with Papa White and co. being very effective but they need some kind of come to Jesus meeting.

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