The Ancient Art of Public Speaking…

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce, UFC

I’ve written a number of posts on how to handle an interview or an opponent’s public attack, but it always amuses me to see who learns their lesson and who continues to make a fool of himself/herself.

Although when speaking publicly you ultimately want to be true to yourself, you always need to think about two individuals before you open your mouth: The fans who ultimately decide if they want to watch you perform and The Boss man who ultimately decides if he wants to pay you.

The list of examples of who does this well and who does this poorly could go on for 1o posts, but I’ll keep this short and look at two Zuffa fighters in particular:

  • Brock Lesnar:  Following his UFC 100 meltdown, Lesnar has been a relatively “good” boy.  He has maintained his confidence but has not bad mouthed an opponent, fans, sponsors or anyone else for that matter.  He even handled himself calmly after his loss to Cain Velasquez when reporters tried to insinuate that he was headed back to the WWE.  The above ESPN segment from yesterday only reinforces this.
  • Paul Daley: Sometimes I think this man’s head is as hard as his hands.  After disgracing himself to the UFC audience and Zuffa brass at UFC 113 by striking Josh Koscheck after their fight was over, he continues to bad mouth Zuffa – the now owner of his new home, Strikeforce.  First Daley made a stink noting he would not fight Nick Diaz for the title since he was trying to get away from Zuffa.  Then after signing a contract Daley has been quoted saying he thinks he’ll have more power over White and Zuffa when he wins Strikeforce gold.  Let’s think about that Mr Daley.  Randy Couture is the face of MMA and to some, the UFC – Zuffa’s flagship product.  Did having championship gold help him when he and Dana disagreed on financial matters? No, he sat on a shelf.

Two men, two different scenarios and two different paths.  One appears to be the man who wants to sustain a career in MMA and another who wants to be create “buzz” around his own brand.  Only time will tell who will continue to showcase his talents on the world stage and who will find themselves back on the local circuits….

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