UFC 129: GSP vs Shields Official Trailer

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

UFC 129 is roughly a month away and I can’t wait. This is one of those fights where fans really can’t lose.  Both fighters are tremendous athletes and great ambassadors for the sport.

The above trailer debuted during UFC 128 and instantly grabbed me.  A lot of these trailers are set up to show how the two fighters hate each other of that there will be some explosive KO of the night.   This trailer, however, took a different path and showed us to elite fighters that will finally stare  each other down from across the cage.

For fans still unaware of Shields pedigree and only knowing him as a Strikeforce fighter, it nicely showcases that he has won gold pretty much anywhere he has competed.  For those that need a reminder, check out: Falling on the Shield(s), 7/21/10.

Stay tuned for more on this fight, the marketing engine has just started to hit its next gear…


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