Fashion Friday? Bloomingdale’s steps into the Cage

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Marketing, PR

So this won’t be a long post…just something that caught my eye.   The MMA revolution continues to surprise me in where it shows its face in mainstream America. Clothing lines like TapouT and Affliction are growing each day and keep popping up in retail outlets.  However, this is beyond just sports stores…check out what I received from Affliction newsletters.  That’s right, Boomingdale’s is now offering floor space to this MMA friendly clothing line.

Do I care about fashion? No.  But if you read this blog you do know I’m interested in the brands that start to line up with the MMA world.  Who knows who will fall next, but keep your eyes open at the mall moving forward…

  1. Bloomingdales?

    I’m not sure how successful that partnership will be for the store but kudos to Affliction for expanding its market. Then again, us poor folk don’t shop at Bloomingdales so who I am to judge their customers’ tastes. I just picture a Duxbury/Deluxebury high school kid telling mom “but I’ll look tough and they won’t take my lunch money anymore.”

    You’re right kid, they’ll be taking your lunch money and your shirt now.

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