MMA is a Sport, not a Circus…right?

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, UFC

(Deep Sigh…)

(Forehead slap)

(Deep Sigh…)

The more this rumor circulates the more it upsets me.  The MMA world is fighting hard to be taken seriously as a legit sport and not a brutal freak show – so why do these “circus act” fights keep circulating?  Jose Canseco challenged the MMA world and, of course, flopped in small town circuits.  James “Lights Never Out at Taco Bell” Toney tried his hand at MMA on the international UFC stage and was brutally humiliated by Randy “The Natural” Couture. Now there is talk of Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson in MMA.  That’s right, the man who can’t even say 85 correctly in Spanish…

However, he’s not announcing that he just wants into MMA.  He has stated a desire to fight Anderson “the Spider” Silva.   Yes, the dominant defending UFC middleweight Champion and legit contender for P4P recognition.

Now, we all know deep down that O.C. is doing this as a publicity stunt.  With the NFL season in limbo and his VH1 reality series well, sucking, he is looking for that next big splash that keeps his name in the minds of sports fans.  Clearly, he would never step into the cage and that is likely why Dana White has been publicly pushing for the fight.

My Take: This is stupid all around.  O.C. may as well start the decline of being the Charlie Sheen of professional football.  The person I’m most disappointed in is White.  There is no need to egg this on.  The UFC is currently the “elite” MMA organization and the promotion that the world will watch and take the lead from.  If the UFC decides to entertain  these fights every time they pop up no one will take this sport seriously.

In closing, let’s not pull a Wrestlemania here.  We all know we wanted to see Mr. T and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper when we were kids…but we never should have been given the opportunity to actually see it..

  1. I could not agree more with your reasoning behind O.C’s attempt to make a “splash” in the headlines to generate interest in his “brand.” I can’t imagine anyone taking him seriously when he foolishly jokes about going toe to toe with Anderson Silva. I wouldn’t fight Anderson Silva if I was using your face – he’d hurt my feelings too much.

    However, in the interest of playing devil’s advocate – what do you look for in someone who wants to crossover from one sport to MMA? I don’t mean wrestling (freestyle or olympic) but other sports such as the NFL. I have no difficulty taking Brock Lesnar or even Bobby Lashley as MMA fighters since they had a wrestling base despite being WWE sports entertainers but what about guys like Dave Batista (formerly of WWE)? I just can’t see the reasoning behind any legitimate contending promotion even entertaining the notion of having these types of people fight on their cards. I guess I can’t get my head around the whole circus show hype that unfortunately does exist. Your thoughts?

  2. I’m fine with athletes crossing over so long as they take it serious. Look at the heavyweight season of TUF, there were several former NFL players. (Meathead Mitrione is one of them.) My issue is athletes that don’t take the time to train or respect the sport and just say “hey I’m an athlete, I can do this..” That is where I have issues.

    In terms of the circus freak fights appeal? The only thing is a quick and large pay day. Promoters see the immediate return and not the long term effects. Once a sport is a freaks-how it doesn’t hold the same prestige a “sport” should – so a pay day today may lead to bankruptcy later…

  3. Mike says:

    I agree – leave the circus to sports entertainment. If cross-over fighters are properly trained and have a legit reason to participate – fine. Otherwise, someone is going to get hurt.

    85 should take a look at Bart Gunn’s Butterbean match before stepping in the cage because they only thing he’ll catch in MMA is a fist.

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  6. […] As much as this post is a “slam” to the former slam king Rampage – the true focus should be on Bellator.  When you allow your talent to moonlight in the pro wrestling circuit I can no longer take you (thee MMA brand) or your fighters seriously.  Beyond the fact that you will have people wondering if your tournament fights are scripted, you have turned the fastest growing sport into what I have said all along the sport should never be – a 3 ring circus. […]

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