UFC on VS 3: The Aftermath

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Last night the UFC rolled out its 3rd Live fight on the Versus network and what a show they put on.  Live prelims on Facebook, a pre-show hosted by Stephan Bonnar and and Ariel Helwani and a stacked line up of fights.  These may not all be the “names” that casual fans would know but for fight fans this was a great, FREE, MMA card.  Everyone that stepped into that cage put on a show for fans and showcased to new viewers why this is the fastest growing sport across the globe.

Now, this will be one of my shorter post-fight recaps.  I have two big take-aways from this fight:

  • Brian Bowles is still the real deal. That was some of the slickest BJJ you’re going to see in MMA.  I look forward to watching his growth in the UFC as he works his way back to gold.  (It is also a reminder that some fighters fall for the same traps.  Bowles defeating Damacio Page via guillotine for the second time is like Amir Sadollah trapping CB Dollaway’s arm twice in one season of TUF….)
  • Diego Sanchez is now “The Dream.” Well, at the end of that fight Martin Kampmann made his face “The Nightmare.”  Although this was a great fight and one that probably deserves more of my attention – I can’t stop thinking of Diego’s name change.  After branding himself “The Nightmare” since season 1 of TUF, what does Diego earn by changing his name?

Anywho, those are my two main take-aways from the event.  What did you think of UFC on Vs 3?

  1. I’ll be honest I think Diego the fighter gains nothing as he had an effective brand attached with his “Nightmare” persona – the tenacious cardio machine that refuses to quit. It’s his style and it’s what defines his fights against the likes of Karo, Penn and Kampmann. I feel that Diego the person has always had suspect mental stability and needed to reinvent himself in order to justify swallowing his pride and returning home to Greg Jackson. Let’s face it – this is the same person who screamed “yes” as if possessed and who left Jackson because he felt he had become the 1b pitcher so to speak. His psyche probably has more flavors than Baskin Robins if you know what I mean. What do you think of his mental “tenacity”?

  2. Mental. The only thing I think of when I think of Diego is “Mental.” ‘Nuff said?

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