Happy Friday: Franklin’s New Tattoo

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

Well, I knew there had to be something had to be up when I heard Rich Franklin was actually going to get a tattoo after his loss to Forrest Griffin.   Griffin had suggested that the loser get an ugly, giant dragon tattooed across his back.

Well, Rich Franklin is, among many things, a man of his word.  From AmericanFighter.com we see that Franklin has in fact gone through with the Dragon Tattoo…a henna tattoo.

Well done, Mr Franklin.  Well done.

See you guys next week – same Bat time, same Bat Channel.

  1. That’s the mark of a very clever fighter right there. Let’s face it if Rampage made a bet like this he’d have another less than aesthetically pleasing tattoo. Although I wonder if you think anyone would be honest and tell Rampage his frying dragon (a la the film “Sidekicks”) looked awful or if they’d just lie to the big scary man who played BA Baracus?

  2. […] Franklin and Silva can deliver strong sound bites. Neither would decline interviews or limit their marketing duties to promote the fight.  White and team could milk this for several months of build […]

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